Our Values


We are committed to many things – great customer service, developing brilliant people to work in our business, delivering delicious products efficiently, constant improvement of our processes, having fun and working hard. For us commitment means agreeing priorities, agreeing action plans and the delivering on our promises. We know we must see things through – to quote a Japanese Proverb – “Vision without Action is a daydream. Action without Vision is a nightmare”. We want neither within our business. .



True respect is a combination of admiring the unique contribution people bring to our business along with being thoughtful and considerate about them as individuals. Our business is stronger because of the diversity of views, perceptions, approaches, experiences, skills, backgrounds, beliefs and characters of our staff and suppliers. We embrace that diversity and try hard to create an environment where it can flourish and focus on the goals of the business..


We are strongest when we combine our skills and talents together. Our departments carry out specific roles of course – but rarely, if ever, for their own benefit – it is usually for others. They play their part in the processes that combine to form the business itself. No department can therefore work in isolation – the only way to maximise efficiency and minimise internal grief is to collaborate..


Ultimately we have to trust one another. Trust in the directors to develop a strategy for success. Trust in the management team to deliver their objectives. Trust in the field teams to care for our customers with passion and skill. Trust in the sales teams to give wise advice and offer promises we can keep. Trust in our office team to deal with calls courteously and efficiently. Trust in our administrators to ensure our paperwork is completed and systems updated. Trust in our finance team to manage the complexities of our systems and cash processes. Trust that our team will put the businesses interests first over personal gain. For most of the time our team will work unsupervised. We put our trust and our faith in our wonderful team and try hard to create a culture where no-one would want to see that trust undermined..

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