6 Surprising Coffee Toppings!.

If you fancy a change to your everyday black or your usual milk or cream, testing new toppings for coffee is the way forward.

While there are certainly coffee purists out there who advocate for black, black and black, there’s no denying that adding an extra ingredient to your cup once in a while provides for a fun change to your normal coffee routine. Whether you are at home or using the office vending machines, here are six surprising additions for those looking for a way to give their coffee a little extra flair.

1.Salt – Salt is often mentioned as a good addition to coffee in order to soften the bitterness. Some people add it directly to their grounds before brewing, salt can be a great addition to a cold brew and many people swear by a dash of it to help maximize the flavour of their ice coffee.

2.Cinnamon – If you’re a regular cream and sugar person, you may want to consider switching up your routine and adding cinnamon instead. A small stick dropped into your coffee can go a long way for flavour. Using this as an alternative to cream or sugar can save you several calories per month, as well as reportedly provide a few additional health benefits, like helping to boost your immune system.

3.Cardamom – A spice that’s commonly added to coffee in the Middle East, cardamom gives coffee a bit of an exotic flavour. Cardamom is promoted as an addition to coffee because it helps to neutralize the stimulating effects of caffeine. Sprinkle ground cardamom into a cup of brewed coffee, or add a few whole cardamom seeds to your beans before you grind them.

4.Butter – Many wellness experts swear by the buttery morning drink, after a guy named Dave Asprey came up with the original recipe, calling it “Bulletproof Coffee.” The idea, inspired by traditional Tibetan yak butter tea, is that adding butter to your morning drink boosts energy. Some even use it as a breakfast replacement.

5.Ice Cream –a nice scoop of ice cream on top of a hot drink isn’t a bad combination at all. This may turn your coffee into more of a dessert drink, but on a warm summer day it might be the treat you’re looking for.

6.Egg –While mixing a raw egg with your coffee grounds may not be your first thought in the morning, it’s a drink that hails from the Nordic countries of Scandinavia. Why add an egg? The idea is that it clarifies the coffee, leaving a perfectly coloured drink with no sediment.

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