Customer service.

What film was it where Tom cruise was leaping off that tall building? Where is the nearest service station? Convert 64 meters in to feet? What does this have to do with customer service?

The modern age, we’re all used to finding our answers on the internet- and when we’ve got a customer service issue, our first instincts is often to seek out our answers online.

Today’s customers like to serve themselves, and service teams everywhere are taking steps to ensure they can – whether that means offering self-service customer portals, or nurturing online communities and forums. Get self-service right, and it’s genuine a win-win situation:

  • Customers are happier – since they’ve been empowered to find their own answers, fast, without leaving their screen or their comfort zone.
  • Service agents are happier – with more time, to handle more complex, unusual and satisfying cases.

Did you know one in three of millennials say they’d rather visit the dentist and have their teeth cleaned than call a customer service line?

The same study by Sales force found that when millennials have a question, 39 per cent will check out a company’s FAQs before resorting to any other channel. Only one in ten go straight for the company’s service line.

Some more interesting results from a Customer lifecycle survey by Forrester found 53% of customers are likely to abandon their online purchases if they can’t find quick answers to their questions. 73% say that valuing their time is the most important thing companies can do to provide them with good customer service.

These results define the modern generation of obtaining fast facts using fast technology.Customers increasingly leverage self- service and digital channels for customer service because these channels offer the least amount of interaction friction.

The Web and mobile self-service interactions such as online FAQ’s, email forms and online chat agents, overtake all other channels. For the second year running, survey respondents reported using Web or mobile self-service more than speaking with agents over the phone.

We at Connect are always looking for the most efficient ways in serving our customers, especially within our service sector. We have recently digitalized

Our service calls, so if you do not want to call us than we have added the simple option of logging a fault though our website now and you shall receive a response just as quickly, because we too believe time is the most valuable thing!