Does tea stain your teeth more than coffee?.

Have you ever considered how drinks may impact on your teeth? For example, does tea stain your teeth or is this simply a myth?

Many people consume countless amounts of teas and coffee throughout a typical work day. Some people may have noticed a common problem of teeth staining, But have you ever wondered which type of drink actually stains your teeth more?

We came across an intriguing article that states Tea actually stains your teeth more than coffee; the company behind the blog interestingly specialize in charcoal teeth whitening and have provided scientific evidence for their claim! For further read click here.

Once coffee stains teeth it can be hard to remove. prevention is widely known as the best cause to prevention here are some quick tricks to help reduce the impact of stains from hot drinks.

1. Add milk to your drinks. The color of your drink can affect how deeply the stains penetrate.

2. Change how you drink. you may not think you swish your coffee around your mouth but that often may be the case. be aware how much you do this to help reduce the impact of coffee or tea stains.

3. Clean your teeth after your morning coffee! cleaning the remaining residue of coffee or tea from your morning brew can have one of the largest impacts on reducing the stains from hot drinks.

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