European coffee growth – Key Drivers.

European coffee growth has seen immense growth however despite signs of maturity It’s undoubtedly obvious that coffee is still the UK's Hot commodity. There is growing evidence that the coffee capsule market is driving further growth in European markets.

An interesting point to notice is Irelands appetite for coffee, Ireland is the leader in the hot drinks market for growth with a staggering 11% growth per annum. closely following Sweden whom take the top position for consumption. Ireland is also seeing the trend of switching from instant coffee versions, which were predominant typically over to fresh beans. This is a similar trend seen in the rest of Europe.

Despite much discussion around European coffee growth Tea has been highlighted as a continued growth market area interestingly in Canada. a key driver behind this growth is expected likely to be from the health benefits associated with Tea. If you’re interested in how coffee impacts your body and health, then read our blog post to understand more about the potential impact.

Product innovation is often a sign of market maturity. the exponential growth of home coffee pod capsule market is a great reflection of the markets maturity. Large player such as Nespresso, Tassimo and a wide range of other companies rushing to develop their own pre packed high quality blends are a great example of this. at Connect Vending we have introduced our own version to the UK market with the support of Caffitaly.

We have worked with caffItaly to bring a capsule based system to the UK that delivers compact, versatile and high-quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate delivery system to the environments that demand refreshments with ease. Visit our hot drinks machines page to see all of our hot drink vending options.