Inspirational Business advertising!.

There are two types advertisements that we are usually accustomed to: ads that blend in, and ads that captivate our attention. We will focus on the latter, on a few examples from companies who have really pushed the boundaries of advertising and getting their own individual messages across.

These are the head-turners that leave us with an unexpected smile. They’re the ads we don’t see every day, and the ones we applaud for their raw creativity and clever execution.

Starting off with a very simple yet effective medium of advertising, as your walking through an office building imagine stumbling across a handful of notes or more appropriately even £50 notes. Certainly would have got your attention we bet. The dollar bill business card is a little spot of genius, and perhaps the easiest tactic to accomplish on this list. A handful of money would always guarantee to attract attention and the trick money can have your business’s info on. Brilliant!

The following video is the wonderful work of LG, who wanted to prove just how good their new TV innovation is. They say moments of extreme fear are the most memorable, and this masterful installation served to scare the hell out of its victims accordingly.

LG’s team chiseled away the back wall of an executive’s office to insert one of their new Ultra-HD TVs and simulate a real window. After inviting supposed job seekers in for interviews, the calm city scene on the screen was cut short by dark skies as a fiery meteor collided with the cityscape. Amazing!


The following images are of 3M confidently boasting just how good their products are, again like LG playing with the general publics natural reactions. 3M filled a bus shelter advertisement with a supposed 3 million dollars, guarded between only two panes of their protective material. Then they left it there for a while. A big block of money is naturally quite the draw for onlookers, and it seems there were several attempts made to bust the cash out. It’s a new take on the money appeal that has some serious audacity, sending a simple but clever message to its customers.

If you plan to do something like this with your next major advertising campaign we advise just be sure to use counterfeits!!