Office water coolers – Plumbed in Vs Water Bottles.

There are two types of office water coolers that you are most likely to find in a workplace. One option is bottled water coolers that have an integrated refillable water tank; since the boom of plastics in the 80’s the water bottled coolers have been the classic norm. The water bottle is fixed directly to the unit and must be replaced when empty. This can create logistical management issues and ultimately increase costs.

The other option is the Plumbed-in water dispensers, which are connected to your premises’ mains water supply and draw drinking water to the dispenser, filter it and pass it on to you. These have been the latest development with various offerings using the latest filtration systems and by taking advantage of the mains water supply and technology; you can also dispense sparkling, ambient, hot and cold water all at the touch of a button.

Plumbed in water coolers have now become the daddy in workplace hydration. With the increase of plumbed in coolers, the familiar blue bottle dispenser with a white base became increasingly dated, and design and invention allowed water coolers to become a key feature in any well-designed office.

Cost will always remain as a key element in deciding which option to go for, below we have outline some key benefits of a plumbed in unit over a refillable water bottle unit.

Plumbed-in or bottled water coolers begin at around £180 plus VAT; Plumbed-in dispensers are cheaper than bottled water units in the long run because of the low cost of mains fed water.

Logistics – The constant issues of ordering when your blue bottles need replacing is something all offices are familiar with. With a mains fed unit your supply is virtually unlimited (unless you stop paying for your water bill!) thus most suitable for high traffic areas.

Space – that old familiar scene of an office with several blue bottles piled up and another separate space of where all the empties are stored waiting for collection!

Space is non-existent in a plumbed in unit – just like having an additional tap.

Multi-purpose – Virtually every new water cooler unit (well the ones we sell) all have the ability to provide sparkling, ambient, cold & hot water. Choice is yours!