Virunga national park.

Connect Vending prides its self on providing high quality products. so what does this have to do with Virunga national park?

As a conscious coffee machine operator we believe this quality shouldn’t come at the demise of our Eco system in the pursuit of profits, we believe in a harmonious approach. Our long standing exclusive suppliers of premium tea, the Birchall’s tea company have a deep-rooted connected with East Africa. Their tea gardens border of the Virunga National park, which is a beautiful international heritage site that has been undergoing political conflict for many years. As a result causing harm to the wildlife its inhabitants and in particular the endangered gorillas.

This is a immeasurable tragedy along with encroaching deforestation that we believe we must not stand by. Connect Vending chooses to work with reasonable manufactures and supply network. that is also why we have chosen to work with Birchalls and their charity scheme to protect the gorillas.

To raise much needed funds for the park rangers, who protect the gorillas, Birchalls have launched a campaign based on consumption of their products.

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