What is Micro-lot Coffee?.

Operating commercial coffee machines, we really strive to provide the highest quality coffee beans that a machine can vend, it’s not business it’s pleasure. However there are certain rare breeds of coffee beans that are beyond the reach of not only vending companies but also large coffee producers. It is not a matter of price or logistics; it is the priceless matter of time!

To explain, let’s say you have an apple orchard. A majority of the trees on the orchard produce great apples. However, in one area of your orchard, there is this one spot where the apples are amazingly great. The trees in this little area produce crisper, juicier apples than the rest of the orchard. Generally, all of the fruit from the entire orchard is mixed and sold together, putting the best apples in with the ones that are more standard.

But what if you pick out the best apples on their own before they go to market to sell them separately? That is what’s known as a Micro-lot. The process of micro-milling coffee are much smaller than large mainstream farms, they are usually independently run and deal directly with buyers. This specialisation in milling micro-lot coffee is to ultimately achieve the most consistent quality of coffee beans that provide an exquisite taste.

To say Micro-lot coffees are rare is an understatement; they are grown on a very limited basis consequently on specific times of the year. Panama and Costa Rica are two well-known producers, the environment of where its grown is just as vital as the qualitative selection process made by the farmers.

Because of the extra work involved in sorting and classifying these beans and the exclusiveness in its availability, there is no surprise these coffees are purchased at a premium rates—which naturally means they wind up costing more for an individual consumer. If you are intrigued in getting a taste, there are only a handful of specialty coffee houses online that sell them, (mostly from the United States) yes its an effort for a small bag of coffee but it just might be the cream of the crop!