What to look for when buying a Coffee Machine.

Buying a coffee machine for your work environment can be a minefield. How do you know what style of machine is right for you? With an endless list of features and benefits and styles of managing your new coffee machine what’s right for you? Below we’ve put together 5 key features to consider when researching coffee machines for the workplace.

Key components

Build quality is key if you’re looking for a sturdy coffee machine that will deliver a taste that you expect and it all starts with the brewer.

Look out for Co Ex brewers, Co Ex Brewers are known and respected in the industry, known for their durability at volume and the ability to provide a true espresso drink that rivals the high street, they are a key consideration when looking at coffee machines. If there isn’t a Co Ex specific brewer ensure your prospectus brewer can deliver a healthy 11 bar pressure, this is a key standing feature in delivering a true espresso drink.

The product

What you choose to put inside your machine can affect the performance of your machine. This can be compounded over the lifetime of your machine so watch out when selecting ingredients for your machine. Some machines can deliver a variety of milk options, such as whitener or GSM (granulated skimmed milk) if not managed appropriately these can have adverse effects on the quality of your drink and even compromise the hygiene. Understand the implications of your product choices and their impact on the machine.


The Warranty

Often an overlooked aspect when purchasing a machine. Consider the term of the contract, is the machine likely to last that length of time? importantly consider how drink volume may impact the components and thus the longevity of your equipment. Which brings us on to a hot topic when considering machines, volume!

The volumes

Not all coffee machines are built equal, some machines are designed to cope with different volume loads, have this in mind when you consider that shiny new coffee machine. It is also worth considering the impact of volume on internal component parts over its life-time. Try having a realistic expectation of what the machine will cope with vs your expect usage. One question this may lead you to consider, is do you have an appropriate number of machines for the expected usage?

The environment

Where is the coffee machine being placed? Is it going on a factory floor, the director’s board room or the staff? The environment can often determine many specification factors when choosing a coffee machine, typical environmental factors include designated space available, the wider environment, for example, is it on a factory floor where the parts may be exposed to dust build up? Who is utilizing the machine? And what are their requirements?

These questions will often help in part, guide the specification of the machine. If you are ever stuck, asking yourself the question, who is going to use the machine? Will often throw up some solid conclusions around the environmental considerations.