Our services.

At Connect we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and operational support to our clients

Service without compromise

We’ve been delivering vending solutions to UK businesses for over 25 years, with many of our original clients still working with us thanks to our exceptional service and operational support.

Our operators are busy day-in, day-out, refilling and rotating stock, as well as cleaning and checking the safety of all our machines and solutions. Whether your business is based in London or Birmingham, you’ll get the same great level of service from our operations team.

This means as a Connect Vending client you can look forward to clean, tidy vending machines that are fully stocked and contain only the food and drinks that work for you and your consumers.

We also have a dedicated engineering team who work tirelessly to ensure any machine down-time is minimised, and get your machines back up and firing on all cylinders as soon as possible. From installation, all the way through your time working with us, our engineers are on-hand to assist.

Our service sets us apart, and that’s why Connect Vending is the the leading independent operator in the UK.


Connect Vending offers a fantastic level of services alongside your purchase to give you the best possible experience long after you’ve bought one of our vending machines. Similar to our micromarket option, if you are looking for a hassle free, all responsibilities are on us then this package is specially designed just for you. Suitable for hot drink, snack, fresh food or cold drink machines, our complete vending service is entirely flexible.

One of our operators – based near to you – will:

  • Fill and replenish your vending stock regularly
  • Professionally clean your machines for smooth operation
  • Perform hygiene audits and management
  • Collect cash on your behalf
  • Carry out data collection and quality control assessments
  • Plus… our engineers will fix the machines promptly whenever it needs some TLC.


  • No worries, no fuss, no hassles – we take care of everything!
  • The ultimate machine maintenance experience
  • Packaged to suit your business or personal lifestyle
  • 24 / 7 operator visits scheduled at your request
  • Free site survey, delivery and instillation
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Fully stocked refreshments all year round
  • All your favorites brands, treats and beverages
  • Flexible finance packages available