Water Coolers.

Take a look at our range of Borg and Overstrom water cooler solutions

At Connect Vending we understand how important it is to offer access to water for staff, with water coolers often making for a perfect pairing with an office coffee machine. Even during the cooler months of the year, having access to fresh water from a water cooler is something that staff always appreciate.

With our market-leading range of Borg and Overström dispensers, there are also variants which allow for hot and sparkling water from one water cooler unit.

It’s a commonly known fact that being hydrated has a huge impact on productivity levels within the workplace, helping keep the brain operating optimally throughout the workday.

We’ve put together this great article that looks at the 7 benefits of drinking more water at work, which underlines just how much can be gained by providing great quality water dispensers in the office.

Office water coolers from Connect Vending

We only work with the best water cooler manufacturers, to offer a wide range of office water coolers for workplaces across the UK. Our water coolers range from smaller tabletop water coolers for workspaces with less space available, and larger floor standing watercoolers for busy workspaces.

If you’re looking for a large capacity water cooler, or a smaller unit for easy replenishment, we can help. Our range includes bottle-fed water coolers and plumbed-in water coolers, to work around your specific workplace requirements.

Lease an office water cooler – flexible finance options

There are several ways to buy an office water cooler, which include purchasing the equipment outright and putting the equipment on a lease across a period typically between 12 months and 7 years. This is a cost effective option for businesses who aren’t able to make a machine purchase up front, or would prefer to incur a small charge for paying on monthly repayments.

For businesses looking to take the water cooler assets on board from day one and avoid the incurring of any interest payments, purchasing the equipment at the start of the contract is an option.

Find out more about buying an office water cooler

Our range of water coolers are perfect for organisations looking to introduce chilled water to their workplace. Whether your business has a handful of staff or hundreds on site, our machine range has something to suit your requirements.

Get in touch with us on 01865 341011 or send us an enquiry to get a call back from one of our friendly salespeople. We’d love to hear from you.

Water Cooler FAQs

Should I buy a plumbed-in water cooler or bottle-fed water cooler?

There are many different factors that organisations should consider to determine whether a plumbed-in or bottle-fed office water cooler would be best. If there is an easy to access mains water connection in place, or located within a reasonable distance of the space allocated, this is always a preferred approach.

By having a machine plumbed in, there’s no requirement to replenish water at any point during the lifespan of the machine. This means no heavy bottles needing to be ordered and put into the cooler, and saves businesses time and money.

However, smaller businesses who want to put coolers in waiting rooms or office spaces where mains water is not readily available, are likely to prefer bottle-fed solutions.

Do water coolers need maintenance?

Office water coolers should be cleaned and receive routine maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that there is minimal limescale and dirt build up that might affect water taste and quality. It’s also important that water cooler dispensers have water filters replaced every six months or so, as the filters will eventually reach a point where the effectiveness of water filtration decreases, potentially affecting the taste of the dispensed water.

Vending operators like Connect Vending offer maintenance agreements as part of a water solution implementation, which covers the ongoing maintenance requirements of water coolers, giving businesses complete peace of mind.

Do water coolers use a lot of electricity?

The newest generation of office water dispensers available from leading brands such as Borg and Overstrom are the most energy efficient that they have ever been. They utilise a range of sensors and other technologies to minimise energy consumption during times of low demand, particularly overnight when offices are empty. Water cooler manufacturers use a range of water chilling systems to ensure that water is cooled in the most energy efficient way, to help reduce electricity costs.

How do you clean a water cooler?

Cleaning the exterior of a water cooler is straightforward, with machines able to be cleaned much like any other appliance or equipment in the office. It’s important to focus on cleaning the various touchpoints on machines, as these are likely to be the dirtiest areas and most likely to transmit viruses and bacteria between users.

We’d highly recommend that you enlist a vending supplier to clean the internals of a water cooler dispenser, as the exact method of cleaning can vary depending on the make and model of the machines. Often the machines will need to have a diluted cleaning fluid passed through to rinse any residue from pipes and internals, but the machine manufacturer will be able to confirm this.

Are water coolers hygienic?

Generally speaking, water coolers are hygienic, especially higher end makes and models that use antimicrobial coatings or distance dispense technology to help reduce touchpoints and mitigate the risk of germs passing between users.

For leading plumbed-in water cooler dispensers, water filters are built into the solution, which helps to filter out any unwanted substances and deliver crisp, highly filtered chilled water. Borg and Overstrom’s newest office water coolers now utilise UV light technology to eliminate bacteria within water stored inside the machine before dispensing.

If you're looking to buy a water cooler from Connect Vending, we offer a water sanitisation service for extra peace of mind. Our expert team of field engineers will book to attend your site and thoroughly clean, sanitise and test the water quality of your water dispenser. You can speak to us about this service on 01865 341011 or by emailing sales@connectvending.co.uk