What’s the big deal about HVO Free Hot Chocolate?.

In Forrest Gump’s words: “My mama always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.” Well that might be true unless of course you read the back of the label. Nothing beats an indulgent, hot chocolate but did you know many hot chocolate drinks out there contain high amounts of a nasty substance known as “HVOs”

Now, we’re not trying to sound like the hot drink police, but if you knew you could purchase a product without this fatty acid in it, wouldn’t you?

What are HVO’s?

For all those new to HVO’s or Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils, they are unnatural fats that experts tell us that are detrimental to your health.

You will see HVO listed in the ingredients of some margarine, biscuits, cakes, frozen meals, fried foods, sweets, crisps, fish fingers and many dairy products. It seems to be popular with food manufacturers because it gives food structure and does not feel or taste oily. This fat also helps keep these products fresher for longer and can improve the overall taste and flavour.

So you’re probably thinking it’s some kind of vegetable fat that’s been treated somehow for some reason. Probably nothing to worry about, right? No, in fact, HVO’s are an artificial fat that is more unhealthy than any other type of fat out there! Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat isn’t technically a saturated fat, so it looks OK on the label. But it is actually vegetable oil blasted with hydrogen so that it behaves like saturated fat. The hydrogen makes the fat harder, which is why it can stick to your arteries.

So Why are HVO’s So Bad For Your Health?

– Your body battles to digest this type of fat.
– HVO’s increase your risk of strokes and heart attack.
– It’s become such a serious nutritional issue that some countries have banned the use of HVO’s.

The HVO Verdict:

HVO-free hot beverage products are the way forward. If you are searching for a healthier and HVO-free hot chocolate drink look no further than a product by the name of Chilvers & Butler. Connect Vending have developed this new exciting product – a special blend of hot chocolate that contains zero HVO’s and yet tastes simply delicious.

Our Hot Drink Machines

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If you want to find out more about HVO-free products from Connect Vending or would like to enquire about our hot drinks machines, contact us today to talk to an experienced member of the team.