Snack Vending Machines.

We all love a snack. Connect Vending’s range of snack vending machines will ensure that your workforce and customers are both productive and happy.


At Connect Vending, we hand pick our manufacturers to ensure we offer innovative, high-tech snack vending solutions to our clients. Whether you’re looking for something compact to fill a tight space in your office, or a high-capacity solution in a manufacturing space, we’ve got you covered. 

We work with Crane Merchandising Systems and Evoca, who have decades of experience designing and building the highest quality machinery for vending snacks. Also, we strive to have the best touchscreen interfaces on our machines, which are energy-efficient, as well as a seamless customer experience. 

As we have nearly 30 years of knowledge, it has allowed us to develop outstanding relationships with our manufacturers. Our team has in-depth knowledge of these machines, so you can be confident that any queries you have are answered during the entire lifecycle of your snack vending machine. 


We understand the significance of time management for all businesses, especially if you are a Facilities or Office Manager who juggles many responsibilities. Our comprehensive managed service ensures that restocking, cleaning, and maintenance of your snack vending machines are not an added task to your responsibilities. 

With our service, our team of expert vending operators and field engineers are on hand to help. Our vending operators are trained retail merchandisers who take great pride in delivering the highest levels of customer service on each visit. We also have the highest standards of professionalism and diligence when cleaning and replenishing your machinery. 

If your office snack machine experiences a technical issue, our field engineers will be on site to attend a call in under four hours. On more than 80% of occasions, we’ll fix the issue with your machinery first time. We’ll take care of all the management and administration of your machinery, so that you don’t have to. 


Leasing is an alternative option for businesses who would not invest in buying the equipment upfront. It allows businesses to spread the cost of the machinery across several years. 

You can secure a lease for your snack vending machine through Connect and benefit from competitive lease rates and adaptable agreement durations. This can be tailored your business’ vending needs. Simply provide us with your company’s registration number, and our partners will efficiently assess your eligibility for a lease with a series of swift checks. Rest assured, if leasing is not suitable for you, there’s always the option to buy your machinery with a one-off payment. 



We supply various snack vending models in all shapes and sizes for various spaces! From interactive models to eco-friendly machines, you can find your ideal snack machine that’s right for you. If you have specific requirements, you can use the product filters at the top of the page to find your ideal snack vending solution.

What happens if my snack vending machine breaks?

If your snack machine breaks, we offer Fully Managed Service packages that provide frequent maintenance and support. Our expert team of Operators and Engineers will take the stress out of managing and maintaining your machine, so it continues to run smoothly.

How is my snack machine protected?

Most of our snack machines come with the iDetect anti-vandal system, which detects if the machine is trying to be broken into. Each machine is individually crafted by renowned industry manufacturers, ensuring a robust and durable design.

What methods of payment are taken on the snack vending machines?

We offer a range of payment options with our snack vending solutions, designed to suit your preferences and needs. For instance, the Crane BevMax can be customised to accommodate three different ways to pay, which includes coins, notes, and contactless/card payments.

What products will I get in my snack vending machine?

The range of products we offer with our snack vending machines is carefully curated from a huge number of product lines that we hold. Using the data and insights from our existing fleet of machines, it’ll help us pick the best-selling range for your machine. Over time, we’ll continually tweak your range to identify any lines that are performing poorly.

If you have specific snacks you’d like to stock in your machine, we can personalise this to suit your needs. Speak to our team to further discuss your requirements.

How many products can fit into a snack machine?

The total number of products you can fit in is dependent on the manufacturer and the specific snack vending model. Typically, you can hold a maximum of 300 products in a vending machine, comprised of around 50 individual product lines. If you’ve bought a combination snack machine, this will cover bottled drinks, confectionery, snack shelves and spirals.

When you lease a snack vending solution from Connect Vending, your customers and employees are sure to have their cravings satisfied. Whether you want a sweet treat to fulfil your sweet tooth or a healthy snack to keep you fuelled up during the day, we have a variety of snacks that you can choose to stock in your machine. Brands that we offer snacks includes Walkers, Cadbury, Mars and much more.