Snack Vending Machines.

Everyone loves a snack, and with a snack vending machine from Connect Vending, you’ll never be left feeling hungry again.



We supply various models of snack machines in all shapes, for all kinds of spaces! From interactive snack vending machines to eco-friendly snack vending machines. You can filter the results using the product filters at the top of this page, if you have specific requirements for machine capacity or other metrics.

What happens if my snack vending machine breaks?

If your snack vending machine breaks you do not have to worry – we provide frequent machine maintenance and support with our Fully Managed Service packages. These take the stress out of managing your vending solution, with our expert team of Operators and Engineers looking after your machine's needs.

How is my snack machine protected?

Many of our snack vending machines come with the iDetect anti-vandal system, which detects if the machine is trying to be broken into. Every single one of our snack vending machines is crafted by renowned vending machine manufacturers, ensuring durability and robustness in design.

What methods of payment are taken on the snack vending machines?

Our vending machines for snacks vary in payment methods, providing options to suit your preferences. For instance, the Crane BevMax can be customised to accommodate three different payment options: coins, notes, and contactless/card payments.

What products will I get in my snack vending machine?

The range of products available in our operated snack vending machines is carefully curated from a large number of lines that we hold. We have data and insights from our fleet of existing machines that helps us pick the best selling range for your machine, and will continually tweak the range to remove any poorly performing lines.

If you have specific products you'd like to stock in your machine, we can personalise the offering to meet your needs. Just speak to our team to discuss your requirements further.

How many snacks can fit in a vending machine?

The total number of products that you can fit in a snack machine depends on the manufacturer and specific model of equipment. Typically you can hold upwards of 300 products in a vending machine, comprised of around 50 individual product lines. If you've bought a combination machine, this will cover both bottled drinks and confectionery/snack shelves and spirals.

With a snack vending machine from Connect Vending, your customers and employees are sure to have their snack cravings satisfied. Whether you’re searching for a sweet treat to fulfil your sweet tooth, or a healthy snack to keep you fuelled up throughout the day, our vending machines consist of a variety of snack sensations for you to choose to stock in your vending machine, from brands including Walkers, Cadbury, Mars and more.


At Connect Vending we hand pick our vending machine manufacturers to ensure that only the highest build quality, innovation and technology is offered to our clients. Whether you’re looking for something compact to fill a tight space in your office, or a high capacity machine to keep your staff satisfied during shift work in a busy manufacturing space, we’ve got you covered.

We work with Crane Merchandising Systems and Evoca, who have decades of experience designing and building the highest quality vending machinery that will stand the test of time, as well as delivering the best touchscreen interfaces, customer experience and energy efficiency.

Our 25 years of knowledge has allowed us to develop outstanding relationships with our snack vending machine manufacturers, and our entire team has a strong working knowledge of these machines, so you can be confident that every operator, engineer, salesperson and account manager, will be able to assist you with any queries about your snack vending machine throughout the life of the asset.


We understand the significance of time management for all businesses, especially if you’re a Facilities manager or Office manager who handles a multitude of responsibilities. With Connect’s comprehensive managed service, you can rest assured that tasks such as restocking, cleaning and, maintenance of your snack vending machines are not an added task to your responsibilities.

With this service, our team of expert vending operators and field engineers are on hand to help. Our vending operators are trained retail merchandisers who take great pride in delivering the highest level of customer service on every visit, as well as having the highest standards of professionalism and diligence when cleaning and replenishing your machinery.

If your vending machine experiences a technical issue, our field engineers will usually be on-site to attend a call in under 4 hours, and on more than 80% of occasions we’ll fix it first time – market-leading service that we’re extremely proud of. We take care of all the management and administration of your snack vending machine, so you don’t have to.

To find out more about the fully managed vending service we offer, speak to our team on 01865 341011, or send us an enquiry.


Buying a snack vending machine with Connect is easy and stress-free, even if you aren’t quite sure what you need just yet. Our expert sales team are available to help guide you through the process of buying a snack machine, and will get a full understanding of your challenges and requirements before proposing the perfect solution.

We have a strong desire to get to know you and your business. Therefore, our preferred approach is to arrange an in-person meeting at your location. During this visit, we will not only have the opportunity to personally get to know your vending needs, but also take precise measurements on-site and assess the area where you envision placing your snack vending machine.


Leasing a vending machine is an attractive option for organisations who would rather not invest in the equipment up front, allowing businesses to instead spread the cost across several years.

Secure a snack vending machine lease through Connect and benefit from competitive lease rates and adaptable agreement durations, tailored to your unique vending needs. Simply provide us with your company’s registration number, and our partners will efficiently assess your eligibility for a lease arrangement with a swift series of checks. Rest assured, if leasing isn’t suitable for you, there’s always the option to purchase a snack vending machine with a one-time upfront payment.


Although we recommend purchasing new machinery for your organisation, not every business is able to buy the latest and newest technology. It is also true that for some businesses, having a brand new vending machine for snacks in their workplace isn’t a commercially viable investment, typically because of the type of environment the machine would be in, or because of particularly low footfall.

In such instances, we also provide refurbished snack vending machines sourced from the very same manufacturers we have established trust in. Our inventory of available machines is contingent upon our storage facility’s current stock, offering a potentially cost-effective and shorter-term solution that could align with your preferences.

To discover more about our selection of refurbished snack vending machines, call us on 01865 341011 or send us an enquiry and we’ll get back to you.