Office Vending Machines.

At Connect Vending we offer a range of hot drink office vending machines, providing refreshments to your employees or customers.


The benefits of installing an office vending machine are visible straight away, they can help boost employee morale as well as keeping them fueled and hydrated throughout the working day. From corporate office spaces to break rooms, we can provide office vending machine solutions that meet the needs various businesses.

Connect Vending offers a wide range of office vending machines. If you’re looking to provide your employees with refreshments, then head to our machines page. We stock a wide range of machines that vend hot drinks, cold drinks, fresh food and snacks.


A fresh cup of coffee can help set your employees up for a great day ahead. To keep employees refreshed and energised, we provide a wide range of office coffee vending machines. We stock both tabletop coffee machines and floor standing coffee machines to fit any space, including the office kitchen or larger break-out room.

Our intelligent hot drinks office vending machines are able to make a wide variety of other hot drinks at the touch of a button. Making it quick and convenient for your staff to grab a tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Cold Drink Office Vending Machines

For employees who prefer healthier alternatives to hot drinks, we have a wide range of cold drink office vending machines. These soft drink machines we offer in our collection are not only equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, but can also be fitted to suit any workplace.

Our cold drink office vending machines can vend a variety of cold drinks, from cans of lemonade to bottles of orange juice and smoothies. This makes it quick and convenient for your employees to grab their favourite drink and consume it on their desk during the working day.


With over 25 years of experience, successfully supplying office vending solutions, we have the expertise to adapt our service to suit the specific requirements of your workplace. Our fully managed vending service makes maintaining your office vending machines hassle free. We provide frequent maintenance and support for your machine, including taking care of restocking. Our bespoke service package is designed exclusively for your business.