Fresh Food Vending Machines .

An easy-to-fill fresh food vending machine is a great way to satisfy your customers' and colleagues' appetites.

Our range of
Fresh Food Vending Machines


Can I have hot and cold food in a fresh food vending machine?

Our fresh food vending machines exclusively offer a selection of fresh and chilled food options. Our diverse range includes yoghurts, fresh fruit, sandwiches, and much more! Many of our clients integrate our fresh food machines or fridges into their micro market solutions, complete with microwaves and other appliances for heating up delectable fresh food items.

How do you maintain hygiene levels with your fresh food vending machines?

Our fresh food vending machines are efficiently refrigerated making sure all food stays cool and fresh. Connect Vending also provides a service to fully restock your fresh food vending machine regularly to provide a hassle-free experience.


Connect Vending food & drink delivery service is a great add on if you want to self-service your vending machines. If you’re wanting wholesale supplies for your own vending machines, we can help. From healthy snacks to crisps, chocolate and many more!

If you're buying a machine from us and want us to take care of it all for you, we'd highly recommend a fully managed service - we manage all the stock management and rotation and keep things clean and tidy with every visit.

Elevate workplace wellness and satisfaction with fresh food vending machines, perfect for any organisation committed to prioritising employee well-being. Connect Vending’s range of fresh food machines help organisations to provide a safe, reliable and secure solution to offering fresh food on-site, regardless of environment.


Embracing a premium refrigerated fresh food machine is just the beginning of providing exceptional fresh food services for your team. By opting for a fully managed fresh food vending service with Connect Vending, you can ensure that the processes of stock management, replenishment, cleaning and hygiene checks are all taken care of without the need for internal resource.

Our team of expert fresh food merchandisers have been trained to deliver the highest level of customer service, from managing inventory turnover to maintaining equipment hygiene or engaging with your staff during their onsite visits. With our comprehensive managed service, our dedicated team takes charge of product range management, collaborating closely with their manager and the broader team to continually optimise the ideal product mix for your fresh food vending solution.

Not only does your food vending machine get the best possible operation from our merchandisers, but it also gets industry leading technical support from our team of field engineers. Should anything malfunction with your fresh food vending machine, an engineer will typically be dispatched and arrive on-site within 4 hours of the breakdown call being logged. Furthermore, count on our efficient service to resolve machine issues right the first time in most instances. We come prepared with common spares and pre-plan for your specific machine before arriving at the site.

With a fully managed vending service you’ll find owning a fresh food machine is a breeze – we take the stress and management out of your hands, so you can focus on the big stuff.


At Connect we are here to support you from the very beginning of the machine buying process, through to the end of your time working with us. We’ve spent the last 25 years building relationships with the world’s best vending machine manufacturers and offer a range of fresh food vending solutions tailored to meet a variety of needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a standalone fresh food vending machine, a commercial smart fridge or a full micro setup, we can help. Speak to our team of vending experts to start the process today. We’ll scope out your project, defining your challenges and any objectives you have for the project, and will consider the different factors and priorities before proposing vending solutions.

Our approach priorities face-to-face meetings before presenting proposals. This ensures a clear understanding of your needs without any loss in translation. Additionally, we recommend conducting an initial site survey to ensure the perfect fit for your available space when considering a fresh food vending solution.

You will have several options available when deciding to purchase a fresh food vending machine, including buying the equipment outright, via invoice.


If you’d prefer to lease a fresh food vending machine, that’s not a problem. We work with the industry’s best leasing companies to offer a competitive lease package as part of your agreement with us, and can spread the payments over terms up to 7 years in length. All we ask of those organisations looking to lease is a UK company registration number, so that we can conduct the necessary eligibility checks with our providers.

Having your equipment on a lease is a great way to spread the cost of your fresh food vending machine over several years, making each payment more manageable and delivering more consistent ROI across the lifespan of the machine. We will always recommend a lease for this reason, but the choice between purchasing and leasing is entirely yours to make.

If leasing isn’t an option for you, don’t worry. You can purchase your vending machine directly from us. When you contact our team to explore your choices, kindly inform us of your preference.


At Connect we know how important it is to have great quality products in your fresh food solution, and don’t just focus on the equipment we’re selling to you. We work with some of the biggest brands in the convenience fresh food space including Ginsters, Tanpopo, Fresh Food For Now, Gazebo and Simply Lunch.

For those clients wanting a fully managed vending service, we will create the perfect mix of products to fit your requirements from our portfolio of great fresh products. This also includes seasonal lines which are introduced over peak seasonal periods, as well as the core product range of best sellers across the UK.

You can expect delicious paninis, sausage rolls and pastries, salad bowls, breakfast rolls, yoghurts, wraps, sandwiches, along with nutritious alternatives to traditional confectionery and soft drink vending offerings from a fresh food vending machine with Connect. Even if you decide to stock and manage the machine yourself, you’ll still have access to these great products through our Wholesale division.

Contact us today to discuss the ideal fresh food vending machine solutions tailored for your business.