When you purchase vending solutions from Connect Vending, you will have various options around the vending machine servicing and maintenance package to suit your support requirements.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional vending machine servicing and maintenance support throughout the lifetime of your machines, and for the duration of our working relationship with you. Our options for servicing and vending machine maintenance are customised to you and your business.

Our recommended option for vending machine servicing and maintenance is to opt for our Fully Managed Service.

As part of our consultation process, we will discuss these different vending machine servicing options and select the most appropriate plan to support you and your business.

Vending Machine Maintenance

Maintenance plans allow you to cover the costs of any callouts and on-site engineer time. This is the perfect solution for those who are wanting control over the products in your machines but don’t want to deal with the technical or maintenance aspects of the solution.

With this option you also take on the day-to-day cleaning and stock replenishment of the solutions, whilst still receiving our expert engineering support for any technical issues

Callout Vending Machine Servicing Plans

Some of our clients prefer to opt for a ‘reactive’ plan which covers engineer callouts as and when a vending repair service is required. 

We strongly recommend a Fully Managed Service or Maintenance Plan over a Callout Plan, as ad-hoc engineer visits can be costly and will not be covered in the same way as they would under a more comprehensive agreement.


Hear from our clients about how we've transformed their food and beverage provisions

In all of my conversations and meetings with Connect, they've been knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to potential clients.

Dawn McCue, Catering Manager

Providing our staff with the facility to relax and enjoy a premium food and beverage offering which offers a wide range and diverse variety has been a highlight of our office move. We are certain the new concept will fuel our business aspirations into the future!

Ian Leech, Head of Procurement

Connect Vending were professional, efficient and friendly when meeting us for the first time, this continued throughout the whole process and evoked trust in the solutions that were on offer.

Theresa Hackett, Facilities Manager

The Deli Café is fantastic as it offers our staff a wide variety of food items, including vegan and gluten free options, and is easy to stay on top of when it comes to management.

Peter Slade, Facilities Manager