Can MicroMarkets increase staff productivity?.

MicroMarkets have a number of characteristics that present many benefits to the client and their staff. But can MicroMarkets increase staff productivity?

Staples commissioned a large survey to understand what would improve an employee’s working day and thus increase staff productivity. Interestingly the top priority for addressing staff happiness and productivity is having a kitchen or breakroom stocked with coffee and snacks that have a nutritious and reenergizing value. Typically we would recommend a coffee vending machine and snack vending machine to fill this gap, with a wide range of benefits that similarly mimic the benefits of a MicroMarket however due to innate physical and operational constraints a coffee vending machine and snack or drink vending machine may not be able to achieve the level of expectation that is required in today’s competitive high energy work market environment. In the search for a productive work force both the client and the end users have far greater expectations and wide reaching expectations.

However further to the explicit expectation of stocked coffee and snacks it was discovered that up to 35% of staff believed providing more private work areas and flexible working hours, as well as getting access to comfortable office furniture (35%) would contribute to increased productivity on a daily basis. Anabela Perozek, vice president of marketing for Explained – “As businesses consider ways to keep their employees motivated and productive, they can keep in mind various affordable options to improve their offices,”.

The beauty of a MicroMarket is it can meet theses broad requirements. Having a stocked breakout area with choice of a nutritious foods is at the heart of what a MicroMarket offers. Whether you are converting from a kitchenette vending machine environment or converting a fully catered solution, MicroMarkets enable the opportunity to provide a range of choice.

The choice is on offer 24/7. The limited scope of a time constrained canteen offering is when the MicroMarket starts to become offering. It provides a service that fits with the work patterns of global markets, the trends of flexy hour working or even more traditional shift patterns. this means staff can be offered a fair no compromised solution to refreshment and beverages whilst at work. This helps to create equality among larger work forces from the bottom up, ultimately can significantly contribute to increased staff productivity.

A more over looked feature of the MicroMarket is space management. Re-designing areas enables a more productive staff work force. The bespoke nature of MicroMarket enables the client to redesign an area to meet its objectives. If productivity is a priority – MicroMarkets can provide new work areas as well as breakout space which canteens or catered solutions cannot provide due to equipment constraints and health and safety regulations. MicroMarkets breakdown these barriers and allow effective functional use of space for meetings and staff relaxation and breakout areas. This significantly increases staff productivity as they are able to psychologically relax and get away from traditional work spaces to think perhaps more creatively and collaboratively than they usually would. Create an environment where those Eureka moments can happen at work!

Staples research has contributed to a better understanding of what staff value in the work place. In turn for a valued environment businesses often productivity as the beneficiary. MicroMarket innovation opened up a whole industry to innovation and new ways of thinking about how we interact at work and thus how we may be able to be more productive at a fraction of the traditional cost. The use of space and environment management, time benefits through remote technology and the ability to offer a wide range of choice are all strong contributors to the sustained productivity of staff in the work place. more often than not the client implementing these new styles of food and beverage solution can reap great benefits for the whole business. So can MicroMarkets increase staff productivity? Yes, we believe they can. Go to Deli Café for more information about how a Deli Café could benefit your business.