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For many business, the trusty floor standing water cooler fits the bill when it comes to offering hydration to staff in the workplace, but for some employers this doesn’t quite go far enough. Water dispensers have long moved on from this format and from a single tap you can now have boiling, chilled and sparkling water.

These instant hot water taps offer a low-profile and small form factor solution that sits on a worktop in an existing kitchen space, or a new cabinet that can be installed along with the tap. The equipment for chilling or carbonating the water is hidden away in a cupboard beneath the tap, helping keep the unit discrete and unimposing.

Water dispenser taps are a great solution for workplaces looking at achieving a premium feel water solution that is in-keeping with their existing office design language, whilst providing an intuitive and safe boiling, chilled or sparkling water option.

When buying a water dispenser from Connect, you’ll have an expert salesperson manage your purchase from start to finish, from initial call through to delivery and installation on your site.

Connect offers taps from various suppliers including Billi taps, Zip taps and Marco taps. To discuss buying a water tap, speak to our team on 01865 341011, email sales@connectvending.co.uk or send us an enquiry.


If you’re looking to introduce a sparkling water tap or other variant in your workplace, we offer arrangements for equipment to be leased to businesses who prefer to spread the cost over terms up to 5 years.

To be eligible for leasing equipment, we need to complete a simple process to demonstrate that your business is suitable for credit, which we will do on your behalf when you enquire. If you’d like to find out more about leasing a water dispenser tap, reach out to our sales team on 01865 341011.


Buying a boiling water tap offers many benefits over using an office kettle, hot drinks machine or wall mounted water boiler.

An office kettle is a great option for a business with few staff, as kettles are low cost and can deliver several litres of hot water for staff to make their own beverages. However, they’re not suitable for large premises as the demand will quickly outstrip the capabilities of a kettle, and queues will build up waiting for it to boil. A hot water tap gives larger businesses access to instant hot water to make their own coffee, tea, hot chocolate or dried instant food like noodles and pasta, without queues.

A water dispenser tap has significant benefits over a hot drinks machine when it comes to availability of various water types from a single unit. A hot drinks machine is great at delivering hot coffees, teas and hot chocolates, but would need to be complimented with a standalone water cooler for chilled or sparkling water. Having a tap that can deliver boiling water, chilled water and sparkling water removes the need for multiple units and means less space is required in tight office kitchens.

Wall mounted water boilers are great at holding 10+ litres of hot water for rapid use during busy periods in a canteen or commercial kitchen, but are not aesthetically pleasing nor suitable for offices with sleek, non-industrial kitchens. Boiling water taps help offer a familiar user experience as a standard tap, with extra capabilities and an unobtrusive design.

Paired with loose ingredient orders, hot water taps will give you the ability to offer chilled, sparkling and boiling water in a compact unit, whilst still ensuring that tea and coffee provisions are available. To speak to us about buying instant coffee, tea bags and fresh milk, send us an enquiry or call 01865 341011.