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Now more important than ever, cashless vending machines provide a more convenient and hygienic way for your customers to grab the food and drink they want. Connect Vending are leading suppliers in contactless vending machines in the UK. Browse our range of floor, table top machines that accept credit card payments.

Contactless payment for vending machines

At Connect Vending we offer a variety of credit card accepting vending machines. Our contactless vending machines offer a range of payment methods including; debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay and more. By offering a cashless payment solution, you can provide an easy way for your customers and employees to grab the snacks and drinks they want. Our range of payment options makes it more convenient than ever to buy refreshments. If you’re looking for a bespoke contactless vending solution, then head to our micro-market page.

Cashless Vending Solutions

Contactless vending machines provide a much safer way for your employees and customers to buy lunch or a quick snack. Card vending machines minimise unnecessary touchpoints, so they’re more hygienic for your customers and easier to maintain than coin-operated machines.

Our cashless payment systems for vending machines can also be retrofitted into your existing machine. We’ll upgrade your machine whether you’re a Connect Vending customer or not, so you’re able to provide your employees and customers with the most up to date payment services.


On-going Maintenance & Support from Connect Vending

When you purchase a vending machine from Connect Vending, you become part of the Connect family. You don’t need to worry about the machine breaking – we provide frequent machine maintenance and support for whatever issue you’re having. This also includes a service to fully restock your cashless vending machine to give you a hassle free experience. When you choose to go with Connect Vending, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Card Vending Machines for Sale

Buy a vending machine that accepts credit cards, debit cards and more from Connect Vending. Browse our full collection below.

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