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New vending and coffee machines


High Wycombe


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19 Sep 2023

Approaching the end of their contract and unhappy with poor service, Hazlemere reached out to Connect to offer a high quality vending and coffee setup, with market-leading service and support

About Hazlemere Windows

Since 1985 family-owned independent double-glazing manufacturers and installers Hazlemere Windows has been dedicated to traditional craftsmanship, high quality bespoke products, excellent value for money and outstanding customer service.

Hazlemere have established themselves as a leading supplier of double-glazing solutions in the Buckinghamshire region, serving customers from their two showroom and manufacturing facilities in High Wycombe and Welwyn Garden City.

The Challenges

Hazlemere’s facilities team were experiencing several problems with their existing suppliers and were keen to take the opportunity to look elsewhere, with their contract coming up for expiry. Across their High Wycombe site, snack vending machines, coffee machines and fresh food machines were getting older, becoming less reliable and technology was becoming outdated.

Alongside the technical constraints of working with old vending equipment, the team at Hazlemere were having issues with poor service and low-quality hot drinks, something which they had struggled to get resolved over the duration of the previous contract.

It was clear that a new solution would be needed for site to replace the ageing assets, and this presented an opportunity to massively improve the machine capabilities, improve energy efficiency and deliver an all-round improved solution for staff to benefit from.

The team at Hazlemere were experiencing a common issue – the machines were installed some time ago by the incumbent supplier and over the duration of the contract, the account management and communication had deteriorated.

We knew that we had solutions that would help them raise the quality of snacks, hot drinks and fresh food on-site, and that we wouldn’t let them down in terms of Account Management and service levels.

We are so happy that Hazlemere are having a better experience with Connect as their supplier.
Tom Lightfoot, Head of Corporate Accounts, Connect Vending

The Solution

Having entered discussions with a handful of local vending suppliers, Hazlemere made the decision to sign an vending agreement with Connect Vending. This agreement would see a new snack machine, floor-standing hot drink machine, fresh food machine and premium coffee solution established in their High Wycombe premises.

Connect’s team of installation engineers visited site soon after the contract was awarded, measuring up the space and completing a thorough site survey, after which the orders for equipment were made with the machine manufacturers. These machines were then delivered to the Connect Vending warehouse where they received a series of internal PDI checks, before being moved on to site for installation.

During the installation process, the installation engineers conducted on-site tests to ensure that the machines were safely positioned, payment systems were working and that all vending mechanisms and electronics were configured and fully functional. Once completed, the machines were signed off and Hazlemere’s team and visitors were free to start using the solutions.

We have been delighted with the new vending machines since they were introduced, and have seen a huge difference in the quality of drinks being made from the new coffee machines.

Our staff have commented on the improvement and we know that our customers will also benefit from this when visiting our showroom.

It is a pleasure working with Connect Vending - everyone is quick to respond and so helpful.
Kayleigh Lacey, HR and Retail Administrator, Hazlemere Windows

Following installation, Hazelmere’s staff have been utilising the coffee machine more than the previous solution, with the vastly improved quality of drink being cited as a reason for greater demand. The new machines experienced few problems in the first few months of operation, thanks to the detailed installation process, with only the fresh food machine having a minor malfunction, which was logged and resolved by Connect’s service team quickly.

As the agreement with Hazlemere continues over the next few years, the team now have the confidence and comfort of Connect’s team being available on standby to fix any issues, with more than 85% of all breakdown calls attended within 4 hours of the breakdown being logged.

This service was unheard of with the previous supplier, and has validated Hazlemere’s decision to move to a customer-first, innovation-led vending company, in Connect Vending.