The Emergence of the Coffee Pods!.

If you are a great fan of coffee, you have probably thought about buying a coffee machine. If you do a bit of research on this topic you will realize there are many different types of coffee machines on the market today. Each of these machines comes with certain advantages and disadvantages, but the fact is that pod (or capsule) machines are among the most popular ones with around a fifth of households now owning a capsule coffee machine (Which magazine). Capsule coffee machines are a great choice for espresso lovers, and for anyone who wants convenience and variety.

If you are wondering why is this the case, lets take a look at some of the many benefits of using a pod coffee machine. Time is money is a very old saying, but it looks like this resource today is more valuable than ever. Using a pod coffee machine is one way of saving loads of it! In an age where everything is done with a click, operating a capsule machine is as simple as that! On top of that, pod coffee machines don’t require special maintenance and they are very easy to clean so the old household or office argument of ‘’who’s turn is it to clean the machine next?” thankfully will not be needed!

Coffee pods in these machines come with a seal that regulates the exact quantity of coffee used in the brew, which mean that you can expect a cup of coffee with a perfect balance of flavour and aroma.

Pod coffee machine come in many forms and shapes and some of them have extra features like removable dip tray, radio help or even a snooze facility! It is up to you to choose the one that suits your needs. Coffee machine can save you money in the long run because after the initial investment for the machine, you will be able to enjoy high-quality coffee at the fraction of the cost of buying from a high street coffee shop.

Many big names in the coffee industry have invested heavily over the years in developing new machines but one in particular is an Italian coffee connoisseur (Caffitaly) who have developed new chic barista style coffee machines; with typical Italian attention to detail and styling that will sit elegantly in any home or office. At first glance you wouldn’t known whether to use it as a room ornament or make a lovely coffee such is the beauty of the Caffitaly machines and they are distributed right here in the UK by Connect Vending.

You can either fight it or embrace the inevitable!