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Floor Standing Coffee Machines for the Office

Larger workplaces such as those in manufacturing, logistics and supply chain industries have greater requirements for high quality, quick to dispense coffee. Where smaller tabletop coffee machines are ideal for workplaces with lower demand, higher capacity and more durable machines are often better suited for these high paced, industrial environments.

That’s why we have an extensive range of floor standing coffee machines, which deliver high volumes of hot drinks with consistent taste and quality. By buying a floor standing coffee vending machine, you’re equipping your business with a coffee provision that can cope with even the heaviest footfall, without skipping a beat.

Built to last and easy to use

Our range of floor standing coffee machines are built to last, manufactured from hardwearing and high-quality materials so that they can take dinks and dings from your busy workplace and still deliver drinks 24/7.

With a great range, including freshly ground Espresso based drinks, these machines don’t compromise on quality or taste, but benefit from high vend speed and ease of use. Intuitive touch screen interfaces and easy to understand instructions make these machines a breeze to use in busy environments.

It’s not all about coffee though – benefit from soup options, velvety hot chocolates and fresh brew tea with a floor standing coffee machine, and give your workforce more range from a vending solution than they’ve ever experienced before.

What's the best floor standing coffee machine?

This entirely depends on your circumstances, including the site you’re wanting to install on, as well as your employees’ demographics, your budget and the type of drinks you’re wanting to provide to your team. Some organisations also utilise their floor standing coffee machines to sell to visitors or customers, which is another important consideration when looking at your perfect floor standing coffee machine.

One thing is certain when you work with Connect Vending – you’ll never have a floor standing coffee machine sold to you without it being the best possible option. We work closely with you from day one to understand your business, your challenges and what you want to achieve by installing or upgrading your office coffee machines.

Following fact-finding discussions and consideration of different floor standing coffee vending machine options from our suppliers, we’ll propose a solution that we think fits your needs best, and will support you throughout the onboarding and installation processes.

Who restocks and cleans floor standing coffee machines?

There’s two ways you can have a machine stocked and cleaned, depending on how busy your workplace is and whether you’ve the human resources and time to manage the machines yourself.

Most organisations who purchase a floor standing coffee machine will opt for a fully managed service which will mean an experienced vending operative visiting the site multiple times a week to clean the internals and externals of the unit, and replenish any stock. Through these agreements you also have a team of expert engineers on call for any faults or malfunctions that may take the machine offline temporarily.

If you’d prefer to give the cleaning and replenishing work to a member of your team, this is an option that can be explored, with training offered by companies including Connect. With floor standing coffee machines seeing high traffic on a regular basis, we would always recommend our team managing this aspect, as it can be challenging to keep on top of machine stocking and maintenance whilst juggling other work tasks.

If you’re not sure which approach fits your business best, why not give us a call and speak to a member of our team to learn more.

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We have more than 25 years of experience selling, installing and operating floor standing coffee machines in workplaces across the UK, and can help you understand your business, its people, and the important considerations when finding a floor standing coffee machine

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