The Top 5 Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for the Office.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast or a regular coffee drinker, you’ll know how important it is to get a good quality espresso as the foundation of any great cup of coffee. Though instant coffee has its place in household kitchens for those short of time, to truly appreciate coffee, you need to be drinking bean to cup. In today’s workplaces, the shift from instant to freshly ground beans is well underway, with organisations all across the UK introducing bean to cup coffee machines for the office.

In this blog article we look at the country’s leading bean to cup coffee machine manufacturers, showcasing their credentials and why they are the perfect addition to any workplace looking to level up their coffee game. In no particular order, here we go!

laRhea Variplus Grande 2 Premium

Rhea Vendors have some seriously reliable equipment in their bean to cup coffee machine range, with tried and tested technology and hard-wearing components. Designed and manufactured in Italy, these office coffee machines are imported before being configured in the UK, and benefit from great aesthetics, innovative VariPlus brewing technology and an intuitive touchscreen.

With the Grande 2 Premium, workplaces will love the high capacity dual bean hopper setup, which gives office managers the flexibility to have two different beans for user preference, or a caffeinated and decaffeinated bean – whichever works best for an organisation. Each hopper holds 750g of beans and the plastic housings for the beans is one of the best on the market, helping to keep beans securely held and as fresh as possible once they’re dropped into the machine.

The VariPlus brewer makes this machine a must-consider for any business looking at a GSM milk, bean to cup machine. You’ll get fantastic quality espresso from all the machines in the Variplus range, but we think the extra capacity of the Grande 2 Premium make it a serious consideration for a busy workplace looking for minimal maintenance.

Rex Royal S500

This heavyweight fresh milk machine delivers a fantastic cup of bean to cup coffee and is a great addition for offices looking for something with leading design and exceptional output. Designed in Switzerland, you can guarantee that this machine will be able to cope with the greatest demands, putting out amazing espresso each and every cup.

As the middle of the range machine, the S500 balances capacity with quality, and comes with a separate spout for hot water, should an organisation decide they want to utilise this functionality – it can even dispense hot water and coffee at the same time, making the most of the space the machine occupies. The machine is sleek and modern, with lots of RGB LED lighting, making it perfect for technology businesses or those wanting to draw consumers to the coffee machine when they walk through the office.

One thing we love about the Rex Royal is its third bean hopper. There’s no need to compromise on a decaffeinated option for a second caffeinated bean with this machine – you can do it all. We also love the quality of the frothed milk from this office coffee machine, with a sizeable fresh milk fridge keeping the machine stocked throughout the day.

La Cimbali S30

Occasionally a bean to cup coffee machine comes to market which sits between HoReCa applications and the fully automatic coffee machine world of workplace vending. The Cimbali S30 machine is one such machine, offering a user experience that delights consumers and makes you feel a part of the process. It more closely resembles a barista style machine, and with Cimbali’s background in the HoReCa space, this is no surprise.

The company achieves this by offering the S30 with a sleek metallic appearance, and with quirky shaped bean hoppers atop the chassis. These combine to give users a more magical feeling and you can’t help but feel curious about what magic is happening within the machine when you engage with it.

Odds are that you’ve come across a Cimbali machine in a hotel lobby or restaurant, filling your cup up at breakfast. They’ve a long history of great quality equipment and with the S30, the fresh milk makes the difference to push this machine into our top 5.

Coffetek X4

With the Coffetek range of bean to cup coffee machines you’re getting a couple of guarantees – simple, straightforward operation for consumers and solid equipment underneath the skin. Each of the machines in the Coffetek range shares a number of common components, so you know that if anything untoward should happen, you’ll have no problem getting new parts to get it up and running again. You also know that whatever setting you put these machines in, people will be able to operate them with just a couple of touches. They’re that good.

We like the Coffetek X4 specifically for it’s suitability for a wide range of work environments. The machine is on the larger side for a tabletop machine, but the quality of drink for an instant milk machine is excellent, and it produces drinks quickly and consistently throughout a work day.

We like how sturdy the X4 is, making it appropriate for those workplaces where dirty hands or little knocks might otherwise cause problems to a lesser machine. You just get the feeling that this machine is a tough cookie.

Franke SB1200

Franke are one of the best known automatic coffee machine manufacturers on the market, with machines in petrol station shops, cafes and restaurants, and for good reason. It’s clear from reading this article that the team here at Connect Vending appreciate machines with good reliability and bulletproof build qualities, and Franke machines are no exception.

We specifically rate the SB1200 for its enormous, beautifully designed touch interface, and its well engineered dual milk system. There are few competitors on the market that can offer a dual milk setup with zero cross contamination, like the SB1200 can. For those office wanting a bean to cup machine with the ultimate customisation for employees and visitors to enjoy, you need to take a look at this machine. Paired with a syrup station and the dual milk fridges, you can really push the boat out with the types of drinks offered in the SB1200.

The engineering in the SB1200 is what makes it stand out in our list, as the two milks are managed separately and the machine regularly flushes pipes out to remove any chance of cross-contamination. We love the innovation and we know your end-users will too.

Buying a bean to cup machine for the office

We really do love our coffee machines at Connect, so finding the right solutions to meet our clients’ needs comes naturally. If you’re looking for some guidance on which route to take with your next coffee machine purchase, and want us to take the lead, get in touch.

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