Table Top Coffee Machines.

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High quality coffee machines needn’t be big, bulky pieces of kit – for offices and workplaces short of floor space, there’s plenty to benefit from with a table top coffee vending machine. These machines are extremely popular in office settings, with many variations and specifications of table top coffee machines from the cheapest, smallest machine to your premium fresh milk machine.

Tabletop Coffee Machines for Workplaces

Whether you’re in a care home, a manufacturing environment, or a high-end London office, there are table top coffee machine options that will fulfil your needs. We stock machines from manufacturers for small offices, medium sized workspaces and large office environments, with many different features and benefits for employees and customers. 

Table top coffee vending machines are great for spaces that currently have an office kitchen space, or a dedicated space for customers to relax in. Our machines cover hassle-free instant coffee options, all the way through to high capacity, dual fresh milk machines with integrated syrup stations. Whether you’re on a tight budget or don’t need to worry about the budget, we’ve got solutions for you.

Small Footprint Machines that Pack a Punch

The main benefit of opting for a table top coffee vending machine is that you can get a serious amount of functionality and quality without needing a large amount of space reserved to a machine. Most tabletop coffee vending machines fit nicely onto existing work surfaces in office kitchens, or on desks in reception areas.

Though we’d always recommend having a tabletop coffee machine plumbed in to a mains water connection, there’s not always availability. Some of our table top machines work around this with their built-in water tank that helps give greater flexibility to those businesses who aren’t able to plumb in. If you have a specific water setup that you’re working with, let our team know and they’ll be able to look at options which work for you. 

If your office or workspace has 100 or more staff but no space for big floor standing coffee machines, don’t fear – tabletop coffee machines can now vend hundreds of drinks a day without breaking a sweat, even great quality espresso based drinks and fresh milk varieties!

What’s the best table top coffee machine for an office?

The best tabletop coffee machine for your office will be dependent on a number of different factors, all of which our sales reps will be able to talk you through. It’s important to take into account the footfall, demographics of your workforce, staff drink preferences and also the investment you’re willing to make in the solution, when identifying which tabletop coffee vending machine is right for you.

We work extremely closely with our clients to ensure that the machine ticks all the boxes, and will only put forward proposals for machines that solve your problems and deliver real benefits to your site. This is the Connect difference and is something we’re extremely proud of – we act as your vending consultants to make sure your tabletop coffee machine is a success from day one until the end of your contract.

Our preferred suppliers have been serving the industry for decades and have been carefully selected by us as manufacturers with great credentials. Whether it’s their sustainability efforts, their machine reliability and quality, or the features available in their range, we are confident that we’ve got the best partners in the business.

Are there finance options available for table top coffee machines?

You have several options when it comes to buying your table top coffee vending machine, including a finance option. Most businesses will opt to finance their machine on a three to seven year basis, with the cost being spread across this period.

If you would prefer to buy a tabletop coffee machine outright, you have the option to pay the total amount. This means there’s no additional cost of financing the machine, and you’ll own it from day dot. Taking this approach is less common than leasing but can be a great option for organisations who don’t want to take on a longer term liability whilst paying off a finance agreement.

Our sales team can help you understand and compare the different options available to you as a client and are available during business hours on 01865 341011 to assist. Alternatively, drop us an email on or submit an enquiry form to us.

How easy is it to maintain a tabletop coffee machine?

Compared with their floor standing equivalents, tabletop coffee vending machines are relatively straightforward to clean. Behind the front panel of the tabletop coffee machine you’ll find the internal components which manage the brewing and vending process, as well as the storage containers for the consumables.

If you’re looking for a machine that you can easily maintain and replenish yourself, table top coffee machines are a great route to go down, especially those which take instant coffee and instant milk. They’re also a great option for businesses who prefer not to have the hassle of machine maintenance and replenishment, especially when you opt for a fully managed vending service through an operator like Connect Vending.

Our team of operatives know the ins and outs of our range of machines and are specially trained how to deep clean and restock machines effectively. If you’re thinking about buying a table top coffee machine, it’s recommended that you take our managed service and benefit from complete peace of mind.

How to find the perfect tabletop coffee vending machine for your business

Your journey to finding the perfect table top coffee machine starts here, today. We’ve got an extensive range of table top coffee machines from leading brands including Coffetek, Rhea Vendors, Franke and Bravilor, with options to suit any business’ requirements.

If you’re looking for guidance on which tabletop coffee machine to pick, why not speak to our team of vending experts who will help design the perfect coffee machine solution for your needs? Give us a call on 01865 341011 or contact us today.

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