Bean to Cup Coffee Machines.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for the Office

If you’re looking for great quality cups of coffee in your workplace or office, look no further than a bean to cup coffee machine. With barista style coffee available at the press of a button, and a wide variety of drink selections, there’s sure to be something to suit the tastes of your office’s most discerning coffee drinker.

Designed to deliver great quality espresso fresh from the bean, automatic bean to cup coffee machines bring the best that barista machines can offer in an easy to use, easy to maintain and cost effective coffee vending machine form.

Our range of commercial coffee machines includes tabletop coffee machines for smaller offices and workspaces, all the way to high capacity floor standing coffee machines.

Delicious Coffee and Broad Variety with Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Everyone takes their coffee differently, which is why bean to cup coffee machines are a great way to offer a broad range of drinks whatever the tastes of your employees. Our commercial bean to cup coffee machines can come with fresh milk fridges, syrup stations, and can be equipped with dual bean hoppers to carry a mix of bean varieties or a caffeinated and decaffeinated option.

Buying a fully managed bean to cup coffee solution from Connect Vending also gives you access to a choice of fantastic coffee beans to stock in your machine, including our in-house coffee blend, Café Bonitas. Carefully calibrated by our team of expert machine engineers, your bean to cup coffee machine will be set up to deliver the perfect mix of strength, smoothness and flavour in every single cup.

What is the Best Brand Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

We work with the industry’s best bean to cup coffee machine manufacturers, and every model of machine we sell goes through a rigorous in-house testing period to ensure that they’re reliable, easy to maintain and even easier to use. Our preferred suppliers include Coffetek, Rhea Vendors, Franke and Crane – suppliers that we’ve proudly been working with for many years, and who we believe are the best in the business for our clients’ needs.

Every bean to cup coffee machine manufacturer has models with different capabilities, and matching these to your specific business requirements is where Connect is different. We will never push a machine on to you if we don’t believe it’s the best fit for your business.

Our consultative approach puts the solution and your needs at the centre of all that we do.

Can I Finance a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

When you purchase a commercial bean to cup coffee machine from Connect Vending, you will likely have access to financing in the form of a lease or rental agreement, as well as being able to purchase your bean to cup coffee machine outright.

During the sales process, we will discuss the options available to you and may provide an option to lease your coffee vending machine over a period, typically between 3 and 7 years. This is an attractive option for many businesses which would prefer to spread the cost of a commercial bean to cup coffee machine over several years, rather than making an initial one-off payment.

Our team can advise on the best approach for your business when buying a commercial bean to cup coffee machine, just contact us!

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