How Coffee Culture Is Driving The Workplace Transformation.

Coffee has become an important part of so many people’s lives. It’s likely that you’ve popped into your local coffee shop during the day and ordered your favourite cappuccino or latte. This popular hot drink has played a key role in driving the transformation of workplace culture in recent years in the UK.

According to the British Coffee Association, the UK drinks approximately 98 million cups of coffee per day. Supplying your workforce with a coffee machine that delivers high quality coffee can make a major difference to not just employee morale, but will also increase overall productivity. 

Connect Vending’s range of coffee machines will make those coffee breaks at work more enjoyable and productive. It’ll also create a work environment where your employees can perform at their best while enjoying a hot coffee. The days of having to go to a high street coffee shop to buy a mocha are a thing of the past with our coffee machines.

In our latest blog, we look at how coffee culture is driving the workplace transformation for businesses.

Office coffee culture and the workplace 

Before we dive into the topic, it’s worth briefly explaining what the term is first. Office coffee culture allows your employees at work to connect with one another. The concept is simple: buy a coffee machine, place it in an area of the office and encourage your workforce to use it, thus leading to a culture of coffee at work.

Coffee is far more than just a hot drink, it’s an inexpensive office perk that contributes to a workforce feeling valued and respected. Modern workplaces are now being designed with coffee culture in mind.

We also know that in recent years there’s been growing demand for high quality beverages that suit the specific tastes of staff – on the high street the variety of coffee that consumers have access to is driving this change within the workplace, too. This has been most pronounced when looking at the rise of dairy milk alternatives, such as oat milk or almond milk. In fact, research by Appinio suggests that consumers are now regularly drinking coffee made with soy milk and coconut milk, something which was unheard of just a few years ago. With tastes shifting so rapidly, keeping your coffee provisions front and centre is something staff will appreciate, more so now, than ever.

Rather than having a coffee machine available in the kitchen, why not consider making it a focal point of your office’s breakout area? Doing this provides an opportunity for your employees to communicate and share ideas in a relaxed environment.

Why it’s important to have great workplace coffee 

Most workplaces will have experienced poor quality coffee and tea for their employees at some point in the past. Previously, if you wanted to get a quality coffee, you would have to pop out of the office to your local coffee shop to get one. It’s essential that your business supplies your workforce with great coffee on-site to boost productivity at work and keep everyone satisfied.

Making a cup of coffee on your coffee break is a good opportunity to socialise with your fellow employees while also releasing stress. The Larhea Variplus Grande Premium coffee machine, with its 7-inch touchscreen, allows your workforce to choose the hot drink they want with just one touch of the machine.

Connect Vending does not just supply a coffee machine for your workplace, but we also supply coffee through our food and drink delivery service offering. Tchibo, Change Please, Lavazza and our own-branded Cafe Bonitas are a couple of brands that we stock when it comes to providing high quality coffee for your machine.

Advantages of having an office coffee culture

There are plenty of advantages that come with having an office coffee culture in your workplace. The biggest advantage of having a culture of coffee in the office is that it’s an inexpensive employee perk. By showing your workforce that you appreciate their contributions to your business, it means they can come back to their desk feeling refreshed.

Having great coffee in your office avoids your employees from going to the high street to get their regular hot drink fix. By removing the time spent in a coffee shop waiting for an Americano, it means that your workforce can spend more time getting work done. Quality coffee offered through a coffee machine contributes to happier employees. 

The Coffetek Vitro S2 is a great solution for small and large offices as its easy-to-use interface delivers excellent hot drinks for your workforce. By providing your staff with quality coffee through the Coffetek Vitro S2, they will be more motivated to produce quality work for you.

How Connect Vending is driving coffee culture in the workplace

At Connect Vending, we are playing an important role in driving coffee culture in the workplace. Our coffee machines are equipped with the latest technology, making it easier and more convenient for your employees to order your favourite hot drink with ease.

Promoting workplace wellness through office coffee culture is something that we encourage businesses to consider in 2022. Providing your workforce with quality coffee through our coffee machines ensures that they are motivated and energised to work hard.

We work differently to other coffee machine providers and operators,  coffee machines can be tailored to suit your business’ needs, meaning that you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee in your workplace. If you have any questions or queries about the coffee machines we offer, contact our team today and we can help find the right office coffee machine solution for you.