Contactless Coffee Machines.

Contactless Payments

Our contactless coffee machines utilise the latest payment technology with systems like Nayax, delivering seamless contact-free payments for workplaces across the UK. Our contactless coffee vending machine solutions can cater for payments via credit card, debit card, Google Wallet, Apple Wallet and more.

As the world moves further away from cash and coins, our range of contactless coffee vending machines are equipped for modern buyer behaviour and provides us with rich transactional data to improve our working practices and give greater insights to our clients.

Contactless Dispensing

With the risks of bacterial or viral transmission in the workplace now an important consideration for business leaders, many organisations are looking for ways to reduce physical touchpoints and limit spread of illness between members of staff.

Our contactless coffee vending machines utilise several innovations, including distance select for drink selection without needing to physically interact with the machine interface, and app-based distance vend for vending without any physical touchpoints.

Fully Managed Coffee Machine Services from Connect Vending

Our best-in-class contactless coffee machine operators take care of everything for you, with our fully managed coffee machine services. We’ll come to site and make sure that your machine is replenished, cleaned, and functioning correctly so that you don’t have to.

We’ll also send an engineer out to you should you have any technical issues, with our team fixing faults first time on more than 90% of occasions. We take the hassle out of contactless coffee machine management for you.

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Let our team of experts find the perfect contactless payment coffee machine solution for you – we’ll help you understand the demographics and behaviour of your workplace, and work with you to build the perfect contactless coffee machine setup.

If you’re looking for a contactless vending machine in London, our experienced local team are also here to help.

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