Fresh Milk Coffee Machines.

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For many businesses, having great quality coffee available on site is an important part of attracting and retaining the best talent.

Utilising the most modern coffee machine technology, fresh milk coffee vending machines are the perfect solution for delivering these great quality drinks in a timely and cost-effective way.

Fresh Milk Coffee Machines for the Workplace

Having the best coffee machine with fresh milk available for your team is becoming more and more important for businesses, especially with the knowledge that good quality coffee boosts productivity, keeps staff feeling happy and valued, and can often help recruit great talent.

For businesses looking at delivering the best coffee experience, look no further than a fresh milk coffee vending machine for your workplace. With single or dual fresh milk coffee vending machines, you’re giving your employees access to an experience comparable to high street coffee chains, but with the convenience of being available at the push of a button, within the office or workplace.

What better way to show your employees that their food and beverage requirements are important by providing a commercial bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk functionality? Add a shot of syrup from an integrated syrup station, and deliver high quality espresso-based coffee with that undeniably delicious fresh milk froth.

Great tasting, premium coffee with a fresh milk coffee vending machine

There are many different factors to delivering a great cup of coffee, with the coffee beans, machine calibration, milk type and machine functionality all playing their part. When buying a fresh milk coffee machine from Connect Vending, you’re getting the best of the industry behind you – from purchase, through to installation, and beyond, we’re here to help you make the most of your solution.

We partner with leading coffee bean manufacturers including Change Please, as well as offering our own special blend of coffee in-house – Café Bonitas. With the best beans in the market, you’re well on your way to getting the great tasting, premium coffee you’re looking for.

Our engineers know our machines inside-out, and with decades of experience, will calibrate your machine to provide excellent espresso and fantastic foamy milk every time. They’ll also make sure that the machine is set up to deliver consistently and with low risk of malfunction.

What is the best fresh milk coffee machine for the workplace?

There are many different options available when it comes to an office fresh milk coffee machine, with varying capacities, features and applications. There are smaller tabletop coffee machines that are perfect for smaller offices or workplaces with fewer staff, and larger machines that are suitable for high volume drink dispensing in busy spaces.

We only work with the best fresh milk coffee machine manufacturers on the market, so you can rest assured that whatever machine we find for you from our preferred suppliers, it’ll be the best fit for the job.

A sales consultant will come to your site and have a conversation with you about your workforce, the important factors for your staff and your business, and help build a picture of the best office coffee machine for your specific needs. 

We take great care in ensuring that the fresh milk coffee vending machine solutions we propose to our clients are the best available in the market, and will never put a proposal to you if we don’t believe it’s the right fit. We also want to make sure that you are given all the support necessary to make your solution not only a great fit, but zero hassle for you and your team. With our team of experienced machine operatives and engineers, your fresh milk coffee machine will be in safe hands.

Can I finance a fresh milk coffee vending machine?

Yes, you can. Every fresh milk coffee machine that we offer can be purchased on finance, provided that one of our leasing partners is happy to provide finance to your organisation. We may ask for some details about your organisation’s history to help us make this decision, should it be required.

If you’d prefer to purchase a commercial bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk, we can provide you with a quote on this basis, either with or without a fully managed vending service alongside.

It can be difficult to know which finance route to take when buying a commercial coffee machine with fresh mlk, but our team can take the stress and confusion out of the process for you. Simply speak to us on 01865 341011, or send us an enquiry to find out more.

How do you clean a fresh milk coffee machine?

All our fresh milk coffee machines can be purchased in two different ways, either as a machine that you fill yourself, or as a fully managed vending service machine, which our expert team of operators will manage on your behalf.

Fresh milk coffee machines require more regular cleaning than their GSM counterparts, for obvious reasons. It’s therefore important that the machines are well looked after, are cleaned thoroughly and regularly, and that you understand how the machine operates, as its owner.

Coffee machine manufacturers have different systems and procedures built into their coffee vending machines to make sure that they are regularly rinsing any milk residue from pipes, and that the system does not hold milk in unrefrigerated pipes within the machine, for hygiene purposes. 

Understanding which cleaning system your fresh milk coffee machine utilises, and how much maintenance is required, is something that our team of vending experts can help you with.

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Speak to our team of vending experts on 01865 341011 or send us an enquiry, to find out more about how a fresh milk coffee machine can transform your office beverage setup. 

Our range of commercial bean to cup fresh milk machines are supplied from the industry’s leading automatic coffee machine manufacturers, catering for every business, from small to multinational – we’re sure to have an option to fulfil your requirements.

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