The 7 Benefits Of a Commercial Smart Fridge.

The next generation of vending is here. Rummaging through your pockets, jammed machines and stale crisps are now a thing of the past. Since the commercial smart fridge came onto the scene, making a secondary source of income for your business just got easier. In our last blog article, we introduced you to the commercial smart fridge but if that wasn’t enough to convince you, here are 7 reasons why you and your business need one.

What Is A Commercial Smart Fridge?

The appealing front facing format would probably have fooled you into thinking it was a large fridge but surprisingly, the commercial smart fridge is a fresh food alternative to your typical vending machine. It uses RFID technology to make significant improvements to inventory management, your marketing and the overall efficiency of your fresh food vending service. Each fridge also benefits from an increased capacity of up to 400 units and deters the risk of theft, through a pre-authorised payment stage using the latest payment methods…Would you have ever guessed?

How Do Smart Fridges Work?

The smart fridge works through users scanning a unique QR code via an app previously set up. Alternatively guest users can scan a credit card or debit card which is enabled with contactless. This stage acts as a pre-authorisation to unlock the refrigerator and allow consumers to pick out a pre-priced item. Each item is scanned on a unit on the front of the fridge, once the door closes the payment is complete Later models being developed will also add an optional layer of protection by including weighted shelves which will charge at the point the consumer picks the items up.

Expand Food & Drinks Range

Every workplace’s Christmas came at once when easy inventory management was announced with the introduction of the commercial smart fridge. Remember that cool thing called RFID? Well, that also helps the smart refrigerator to keep a constant eye on stock levels and recognise products with high demand to sell more of them – I know, brilliant right? Gone are the days of manual stock takes.

Make Informed Marketing Decisions

Just as it can help improve your stock turnover and profitability, the AI used in inventory tracking can also help you to identify trends ahead of time. It learns where to introduce new products based on customer behaviour data that you gather.

Easy Expansion

Unlike traditional business models, the commercial smart fridge has the added benefit of easy expansion with fewer costs compared with a typical brick and mortar business. The rise of grab and go food also gives way for potential growth and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Seamless Customer Journey

By incorporating the latest payment methods and user-centric design, customers can simply pre authorise a payment method using the contactless reader, open a fridge door and grab the fresh food that they want to purchase. Unlike traditional snack vending machines where customers pay for goods in the hope that the machine won’t get jammed, commercial refrigerators reduce customer frustration and the need to be fully managed as customers are only billed for what they pick up. customers have greater interaction with the products which creates more confidence to buy from the solution.

Dedicated Retail Merchandiser

Our retailers are trained to look through the data from the various sites and make decisions about what products should be filled and when. This helps consumers stay engaged with the product and ensures variety and availability of those foods which are popular at any given time.

Serve Healthy Fresh Food 24/7

This new invention also allows for remote operation while you focus on your business. Temperature control is all in hand and is fully managed 24 hours a day to stop stock from spoiling and allow you to jump on the growing demand for fresh food vending machines. Variety and choice is at the heart of the benefits of this solution.

Monitor Expiry Dates and Minimise Waste

Finally, possibly the greatest benefit of all, the commercial smart fridge cleverly monitors the expiry dates of all your products. Its AI technology ensures that waste is reduced by allocating short-dated products with individual discounts, avoiding a health and safety disaster! The commercial smart fridge allows operators to more effectively manage dates due to the design of the fridge.

If you’re sold on how much improvement there is to be made by introducing a commercial smart fridge into your business, our friendly expert team can help you in the process of acquiring your own today.

If you’re not quite there with smart fridges, speak to us about our other fresh food vending machine options!