University Vending Machines.

At Connect Vending we offer a range of hot drink vending machines, providing refreshment to your employees or customers.


If you’re looking to provide nutritious food and drinks in an education environment, we have a wide range of delicious fresh food vending machines to encourage well-balanced eating habits. With extensive knowledge of the Educational sector, we understand exactly what staff and students want from their vending experience.

When it comes to University, we understand just how important having the right food in your body is in helping you perform at the highest level. . Our range of vending machines in schools and universities provide a satisfying snack selection for study areas around campus.

It’s important for young people in education to get a healthy, varied diet to perform at their best, which is why we offer a range of machines to cater to all your needs.

We offer vending machines in schools, universities & colleges, as well as:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Junior Common Rooms
  • Canteen/Cafe Rooms
  • Teaching Staff Rooms
  • Students Union Locations
  • Restaurant Areas
  • Unattended Retail Environments
  • Breakout Rooms

What are the benefits of a vending machine in schools?

– Encourages overall healthier eating habits
– Curbs sugar cravings
– Keeps your metabolism revved up and helps normalise blood sugar
– Aids in weight control
– Offers a ‘grab and go’ opportunity to busy pupils and staff
– Reduces queues at peak periods, e.g. lunchtime service
– Sustains energy levels
– Increases nutrient intake