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Everyone loves a snack, and with Connect Vending’s delicious snack food vending machines, you’ll never be left feeling hungry again. Whether you want sugar treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, or a healthy snack to fuel you for the day, we have thousands of snack sensations for you to choose from. Snack vending machines are a fantastic investment for customers as well as operators for satisfaction because they work perfectly in every establishment.


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Each one of our snack vending machines for sale are fully customisable, and our innovative technology allows the option for a virtual shopping cart, increasing spend and reducing time spent at the machine. With fast re-stocking and an iDetect anti-vandal system, you can rest assured that your tasty treats will be safe inside your chosen snack machine.

With built-in temperature controls and innovative insulation cells, you can stock more than just your average vending machine snacks. Our snack machines are able to stock healthy snacks suitable for the workplace and beyond.

When you purchase one of our snack vending machines, you become a vehicle leading the growing movement towards healthy eating with fresher, nutritious alternatives. With snacks like dry fruit, peanuts and much more, you can help be a part of a much bigger picture.

If you’re looking for more lunch options, our food vending machines are suitable for vending chilled sandwiches, salads and pastries. Whatever your business needs, we have a machine to suit you.


When you purchase a snack vending machine from Connect Vending, you become part of the Connect family. We like to make sure that all of our customers and machines are taken care of. So, through a retainer service we fully manage your machine, provide frequent maintenance and support.

This also includes a service to fully restock your snack machine to give that hassle-free experience. Filling your fridges with tasty, healthier options and catering to those with dietary needs by adding vegan, vegetarian, lactose and gluten alternatives. When you choose to go with Connect Vending, you know that you’re in safe hands.


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