Coffee Vending Machines.


Our commercial coffee vending machines are intelligent, offering refined convenience and an endless array of possibilities to brew coffee-shop standard coffee every time. We carefully select machine manufacturers to offer options for every self-service coffee machine, to satisfy even the most particular of customers.

Transform your business environment with great tasting coffee and make for happier employees and customers with high-quality drinks. Our coffee vending machines have everything from premium espresso to creamy lattes, cappuccinos, you’re getting the highest quality of freshly ground coffee with our bean to cup coffee dispenser machine range.


With touch patent technology, customers can swipe through your entire customisable gallery of drinks and order with ease. Allow our highly attractive LED menu to help promote your coffee drinks and offer a convenient browsing experience like no other from our stylish, sleek commercial coffee vending machines.

Many of our coffee vending machines come with the I-detect system included, you can deter theft while delivering a high level of service by only charging customers for the coffee that they are able to vend.

Why not replace your old espresso machine with a reliable commercial coffee dispenser machine? Businesses all across the UK are transitioning away from their outdated, low quality coffee making equipment and levelling up their coffee provisions.


From the moment you pick up one of our coffee vending machines from our virtual shelf, our maintenance and support are here to help. From repairing a broken-down machine to fully re-stocking your coffee dispenser machine with fresh, new coffee beans. With our dedicated retainer service, you don’t need to worry about being a hands-on boss and can leave us to grow your second business as you watch it flourish.

Choose from a variety from Connect Vending’s floor standing commercial coffee machines and table top coffee vending machines below.