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Easy to fill fresh food vending machines are a great way to satisfy your customer and colleague’s appetite.

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Are fresh food vending machines profitable in 2022?

If you are considering purchasing a fresh food vending machine, now might be a good time. A report from Industry Insiders states that the global vending machine market will reach $25.25 billion by 2027. They're a great way to introduce healthy and tasty breakfast and lunch options into your workplace, for your staff to enjoy.

Can I have hot and cold food in a fresh food vending machine?

Our fresh food vending machines supply fresh and cold food only. There is a wide variety of choices from yoghurts, fresh fruit, sandwiches and much more! Many of our clients have a fresh food machine or fridge as part of a micro market solution, where microwaves and other appliances are available for heating up fresh food items.

How do you maintain hygiene levels with your fresh food vending machines?

Our fresh food vending machines are efficiently refrigerated making sure all food stays cool and fresh. Connect Vending also provides a service to fully restock your fresh food vending machine regularly to give that hassle-free experience.

Can you provide food to stock the fresh food vending machines?

Connect Vending food & drink delivery service is a great add on if you want to self-service your vending machines. If you’re wanting wholesale supplies for your own vending machines, we can help. From healthy snacks to crisps, chocolate and many more!

If you're buying a machine from us and want us to take care of it all for you, we'd highly recommend a fully managed service - we manage all the stock management and rotation and keep things clean and tidy with every visit.

Connect Vending’s food vending machines will revolutionise the workplace – with easy to use controls and a wide range of delicious fresh and perishable foods, from sandwiches to pastries, cake and yoghurt to choose from, lunchtime has never been easier. Also check out our snack vending machines if you’re in the mood for light bites instead.

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Our sleek food vending machines feature elegant and stylish designs and use innovative technology to provide the best healthy food vending machine you could ask for. You can cater to those with a sweet tooth and those who enjoy eating healthy, and you don’t need to worry about storing the food, with our fresh food vending machines. The fresh food vending machines highly efficient refrigerator provides the best air distribution in the industry!

What Connect Vending can do for you

When you purchase a  food vending machine or coffee vending machine from Connect Vending, you become part of the Connect family. You don’t need to worry about the fresh food vending machine breaking – we provide frequent machine maintenance and support for whatever issue you’re having. This also includes a service to fully restock your vending machine food to give that hassle free experience. When you choose to go with Connect Vending, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

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