Smart Fridges.

A smart solution for your growing workforce

The latest innovation in grab and go vending

At Connect Vending, innovation in the delivery of food & beverage is what our customers have come to expect. The new micro-market smart fridge range is providing the ability for our clients to purchase a wider range of food & beverage in the workplace in a more convenient and frictionless experience. The commercial ‘smart fridge’ is the latest secure way to provide consumers with a range of fresh food in the workplace.

How smart fridges work

The smart fridge simply requires pre authorisation of a valid payment method. Once payment has been provided, the smart fridge unlocks. Our smart fridges accept payment from contactless cards, Apple Pay and more to make it more convenient than ever for your customers. The weighted shelve technology allows you to stay updated with stock levels.

The RFID refrigerator technology allows you to easily track food and drink expiry dates, making inventory management a breeze. The remote locking technology ensures security of your smart fridge, so you can manage your machine from remote locations. The 24/7 temperature monitoring also gives you peace of mind knowing your inventory stays as fresh as possible.

The remote management technology in our smart fridges ensures that you have full visibility of it’s operations with less management. Smart fridges also allow you to serve a range of fresh food and drink in more remote locations, providing your employees and customers with a great food and beverage experience, no matter the location.

Ongoing maintenance and support from Connect Vending

Connect Vending can fully operate and manage your smart fridge, causing less friction to your business operations. Our merchandisers will replenish and restock the smart fridge, taking care to ensure all out of dates are removed and the machine is refreshed to the highest standard. Check out our maintenance and support service. 

Connect Vending uses customer data to find the best food and beverage customers will love. From healthy vending options to indulgent snacks, we will ensure your end-users get a well-balanced range of food and drink options. 

Transform your business with the latest innovation in smart vending. Enquire now for more information about commercial smart fridges. If you’re looking for more information on smart fridges, read our latest blog post. 


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