10 Commercial Coffee Machines for SMEs.

With hundreds of different coffee machines in the market, from the smallest pod machines through to large floor standing coffee vending machines, there’s a wealth of options to consider when looking for a commercial coffee machine for your workplace.

In this article, we look at ten commercial coffee machines for SMEs to consider for their office.


If you’re looking for a powerhouse fresh milk coffee machine, look no further than the Franke SB1200. This machine has been specifically designed to accommodate for two fresh milk options with no cross-contamination and deliver the highest level of customisation and variety of any coffee machine.

The SB1200 is perfect for larger offices wanting to provide industry leading coffee as part of a retention and recruitment strategy, and give employees a truly market-leading coffee solution.


The latest addition to the Coffetek range, the Neo Q combines a floor standing coffee solution with a chilled water cooler, delivering a compact 2-in-1 solution that is perfect for businesses with limited space. With the Neo Q’s dual bean setup, you will not be compromising your coffee offering for the additional chilled water offering.

Neo Q’s filtration system removes water impurities and delivers crisp, fresh water, and can be fitted with an optional ultraviolet system to eliminate bacteria from the system.

You’ll benefit from this machine most if your business employs more than 150 people who regularly drink hot drinks and chilled water, and don’t currently have either solution on site.


Cimbali are a leading coffee machine supplier of both manual and automatic coffee machines, offering the benefit of decades of knowledge and experience in the machine manufacturing space. The S-range of products, including the S20, offers the great quality bean to coffee experience of their barista range, in a compact and powerful tabletop automatic coffee machine.

For those SME’s looking for an aesthetically pleasing machine packed full of character, as well as the power and capacity to consistently deliver great quality coffee, the S20 is definitely worth looking at.


An alternative take on the modern tabletop coffee machine, the Rex Royal S300 packs some seriously impressive brewing technology and Swiss-designed components into a sleek, RGB-lit machine chassis. The S300 is intuitive, durable and is the perfect fit for offices with a modern interior design language.

The Rex Royal S300 comes with a range of bolt-on units such as cup warmers, milk fridges and syrup stations, and can be configured flexibly to meet the needs of any SME. It offers a great level of modularity, which can be a perfect addition to those businesses wanting to start with a basic machine but may want to expand in a cost-effective way in the future.


Floor standing coffee machines are ideal for settings where there’s limited worktop space, or where the setting demands a higher capacity machine that can take regular knocks and bangs in its stride. We would say these machines are great for dual-purpose premises that have both office space and warehousing/manufacturing – the higher capacity of these machines reduces the maintenance and operating overheads, whilst offering a great looking machine with a premium experience and drink output.

With the Coffetek Zensia, you’ll benefit from a sleek glass-covered frontage and iconic Coffetek minimalist design. You’ll also benefitting from the tried and tested machine internals that Coffetek’s range of products utilises, so you can be sure that the end product will be high quality and consistently delivered.


Few floor standing machines do simplicity as well as the Crane COTI. Developed through generations of innovation from the team at Crane Payment Innovations, the COTI doubles down on simplicity of operation, with a large capacitive touchscreen offering an extensive drinks range.

The large dispense area is hard wearing and takes splashback and spillages with no trouble at all, and with the option to fully brand the front of the machine, these can be made to seamlessly merge in with any environment in a business.

With a metal and hard plastic chassis, the COTI is ideal for busy manufacturing floors, where they are likely to be getting heavy use and may receive scrapes and kicks over the years.


Rhea are masters of simple engineering, and we think the Grande 2 Premium is the pick of their range for balancing functionality, capacity and ease-of-maintenance. The Grande 2 Premium gives SMEs peace of mind that their machine will be reliable, and on the off-chance that they have a fault, can be quickly and easily repaired.

These commercial coffee machines are ideal for medium sized businesses who want straightforward machines with great functionality an attractive price. You’ll see fantastic return on the investment with a Grande 2 Premium.


Not every business needs a high-volume, functionally advanced coffee machine, and instead many businesses opt for a machine that they know will elevate the quality and range of their coffee, without breaking the bank. One such machine that does exactly this is the Coffetek Vitro S1, the entry level machine in the Coffetek S-range.

With this machine you’ll get a great quality instant coffee with GSM milk, giving much greater variety than you would otherwise have, with options for Latte, Cappuccino, Flat Whites and more. This is great for SMEs that are at the tipping point between the office kettle and a larger coffee machine, and offers a middle ground that will satisfy employees without costing the world.


Within every growing business comes a point at which the coffee provisions need to evolve and adapt to the changing internal demographics, and greater demand for hot drinks. When a business has outgrown its first coffee machine and needs something with a bit more grunt, there are many options to consider.

The Franke A600 is a machine that meets this requirement excellently – this machine builds on the solid foundations of smaller machines like the A300 and A400, with increased vend capacity, whilst maintaining the fundamentals of Swiss quality manufacturing and easy use by consumers.

This machine also includes the opportunity to have fresh milk, something which many growing businesses will eventually turn to, to improve the standard of the drinks available.


If you’re looking for a machine that has middle-of-the-road capacity but will offer great aesthetics and offers similar mechanical simplicity as the Rhea Grande 2 Premium, the TT1 may be the right machine for you. Effectively the baby brother of the Grande range, the Rhea TT1 utilises many of the same components but reduces the capacity of the machine down to 100 cups a day.

These offer a great option for a business wanting something with premium aesthetics whilst keeping the overheads manageable with a more conservative capacity.

If you’re in an SME and are looking for some advice on where to turn for your next commercial coffee machine, why not reach out to our expert sales team for a quick chat? We’ve got more than 25 years of experience and have access to a great range of machines to fit the needs of every business.

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