2023’s Favourite Festive Coffees.

Yes, it’s that time again. The big retailers have released their Christmas TV ads, Mariah Carey is preparing for her annual royalties windfall, and coffee drinkers up and down the UK are eyeing up the coffee chains’ top offerings in this year’s festive drinks shootout.

We’ll take the same route through the high street coffee chains that we did in 2022’s round up, so grab yourself a drink from your nearest coffee machine and find a comfy seat, we’re about to get all Festive.


Let’s kick things off with the much-anticipated Starbucks coffee range, from the original purveyors of the high street coffee chain. This year we can look forward to some seriously sweet options, but with more flavour refinement than previous years.

Toffee takes a back seat this festive season, but gingerbread based drinks remain a feature in Starbucks’ 2023 festive range, but with the added creaminess that comes with oat milk. We’ve tried a lot of oat milk based products in the office these past few months, and we’re really quite fond of the more subtle, creamier flavours.

We think this year’s top picks for Starbucks will be the Gingerbread Oat Milk Chai and the Chestnut Praline Latte. A strong start to this round up.


Fear not – Starbucks may have ditched their festive toffee coffee, but Costa has not let us down. This year you’ll be able to grab your favourite Toffee latte or iced toffee latte from your nearest Costa coffee, or you can grab something a bit different from their range.

Much like Starbucks, you’ll be able to enjoy a nutty Christmas drink, with the Roasted Hazel Latte and Roasted Hazel Hot Chocolate, which both sound delicious. If you want a hot chocolate specifically though, you’ve got more options including an After Eight Hot Chocolate and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate.

You can also enjoy a Black Forest and Cream Hot Chocolate, though this doesn’t have the same appeal to the millennial marketer writing this article…

If you’re not a big coffee drinker and are a fan of nostalgic Christmas chocolate, Starbucks is where you need to be.


Caffé Nero have taken a slightly different approach to their festive drinks range this year, and we’re here for it in a big way. No more playing it safe with caramels or nuts, they’ve gone all in and released two brand new coffee drinks – the Panettone Latte and Florentine Mocha. You can also enjoy the Panettone based drink as an iced latte, should you live for the colder things in life.

Of the big three high street coffee chains, we’re most intrigued by the Caffé Nero offering. An homage to their Italian roots, the drinks are described as zesty and sweet, and are sure to provide a different experience for a festive coffee.

Don’t worry, you can still get your usual caramel lattes and festive hot chocolates (this year’s is a Millionaire’s Hot Chocolate), but we think you’d be better served for hot chocolate at Starbucks.

Whatever your favourite type of drink, whether it’s a hot chocolate, a coffee or a tea, you’re sure to enjoy something festive themed at one of the big high street coffee chains. Alternatively, why not head to your local independent coffee shop and see what they’ve got to offer?

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