7 WTF Coffee Facts You Have to Know!.

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages on this planet. Read on and you will discover some of the weird and wacky coffee facts about this timeless drink.

Also known as Black Ivory coffee. It supposedly gives the beans an incredible flavor, but the limited availability makes this brand of coffee extremely expensive.

This is one big caffeine war! There has been much debate about which ‘pick me up’ is actually better for you. According to research, energy drinks still don’t have as much caffeine as a Starbucks coffee!

The act of swallowing the drink sends a burst of aroma up the back of the nose from inside the mouth, activating a “second sense of smell” in the brain that is less receptive to the flavour, causing a completely different and less satisfying sensation.

Sound is just another form of energy, and one that isn’t too different from heat.

Nobody likes arriving at an empty coffee pot. Especially computer scientists at Cambridge University—which is why, back in 1991, a team of them invented the world’s first webcam to keep an eye on coffee levels from their desks.

Homes in Korea are small, so because of that not everyone can have pets or has the time to care for one on a regular basis especially with the demands of work, school and family. Visitors at this cat cafe get to feed, pet and play with all different types of cats. Really unusual and unique idea. We wonder how they deal with all the catfights?

More than 100 million British rely on coffee to get their personal motors running each morning. And at some point in the future, it could be the fuel that gets their cars’ motors running, too. Researchers have had great success in converting coffee into biodiesel. Best of all, used grounds work just as well.

If you think these facts are a little bizarre..we have more to follow.