June 9, 2018

Previously, the word ‘vending’ and ‘healthy’ would most likely not go hand in hand, let alone in the same sentence.

June 14, 2018

Those who reside in western urbanized cities, expecting to dodge the impacts of climate change should prepare for a jolt

June 16, 2018

Welcome to the official corporate blog of Connect Vending! “Lets grab coffee” a saying synonymous with an interesting conversation

June 23, 2018

Want to know what your morning cuppa Coffee says about your personality? According to a study conducted by psychologist,

June 30, 2018

As Connect Vending is a proud sponsor and independent vending supplier of Nottingham Forest Football Club,

July 2, 2018

One word to describe Mondays…RUSH. What is it about this blinking day that makes so many of us completely miserable, tired and impatient?

July 9, 2018

Cola is being decanted into mini cans.
Chip bags are bursting with extra air.
Chocolates and candy bars are “losing weight”…

July 16, 2018

T-shirt vending machine shocks shoppers by showing them the real price of cheap fashion
If you’re anything like me, a slave to fashion,

July 23, 2018

Being short listed as a Vendies Award finalist is a huge honour for Connect Vending. Connect would be immensely proud of.