Borg and Overström – What’s New?.

Over the last three months, leading water dispenser manufacturer Borg and Overström have been making some major changes to their product range, manufacturing operations and sustainability practices.

Today, we look at the changes introduced by B&O and look at how their new technologies are leading the way in the water dispenser market.

Out with the old, in with the new

The Borg and Overström product range is extensive, covering hot, cold and sparkling water taps, floor standing and table top water dispensers and a range of accessibility and hygiene ancilliaries.

In this range, the B3, B4 and B5 water coolers have been ever-present since release, providing great flexibility and water quality for workplaces up and down the UK, where they have since been installed.

However, since release of these products the world has become both a more expensive and more sustainability-conscious place, leading to the creation of a new range of environmentally friendly, highly energy efficient line up of replacement coolers.

These new products form the E range of coolers, replacing all but the B3 in the previous range, with new Dry-Chill ProCore technology delivering significant improvements in energy efficiency and performance. These new introductions sit alongside new products in the T range of taps, and the C-series HoReCa focused products.

Why Dry-Chill ProCore?

Electricity costs are exceptionally high and have risen rapidly since the beginning of 2023, and businesses operating in the UK are all too aware of the knock-on impact that these elevated costs can have on their profitability and long term growth.

The new ProCore powered products, across E, C and T series devices, can expect energy consumption reductions of as much as 60%. Combined with this impressive improvement in energy efficiency, these new devices are more compact and have greater output capacity, meaning improvements across the board.

A vote of confidence in UK manufacturing

Borg and Overström’s B-series products have been manufactured for many years in a facility in Taiwan, with finally assembly and testing taking place once various components arrive in the UK.

With the end of production of the B-range, production of products is now exclusively of those utilising the DryChill ProCore technology (aside from the B3), and sees all products manufactured, assembled and tested within the UK for the first time.

This comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • 80% reduction in carbon emissions from transportation
  • Greater control of supply chain
  • More consistent quality
  • Better aftersales service and access to spare parts
  • Quicker product development
  • New UK manufacturing jobs

Market-leading hygiene credentials

Borg and Overstrom have long been a leader in the water cooler space when it comes to their hygiene technologies, with a suite of options now available to customers, including several that have been developed in conjunction with the NHS.

  • Biomaster anti-microbial outer panels – This Antimicrobial surface coating is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product and delivers consistently high levels of machine hygiene.
  • Integral Viovandt UV filtration – Through the use of UVC light, bacteria and virus levels are significantly reduced for greater water hygiene. With a bulb that lasts for 10 years, there’s no need to replace or service this element.
  • Sensor beam – This patented virtual foot pedal allows for contactless dispensing without any trip hazards and also reduces touchpoints and further minimises the potential for the spread of infection.

Buying Borg and Overström Water Dispensers

These new product launches and investment in repatriation of operations to the UK means an even better offering from one of the world’s strongest water solutions brands. At Connect, we are proud of our longstanding relationship with Borg and Overström and are excited to see the new products hitting workplaces around the country.

Thanks to another recent innovation from the B&O team, there’s now also the capability for Connect Vending clients to take a personalised tour around the Hydration Showroom and get a feel for the equipment on offer, without needing to leave the comfort of their own office.

To learn more about the full range of products available or to arrange a virtual demonstration, speak to our expert team of solutions consultants. Give us a call on 01865 341011, or reach out to us by submitting an enquiry.

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