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Coffee nation pride

Posted in: Tips & Tricks | by: Olid Uddin

Mix illustration01If we were to ask you which nation is the largest consumer of coffee? What immediately pops in to your mind United states? Italy? Colombia? It is some what of a hidden coffee nation pride to consume some of the most coffee. The measurement of consumption is in kilograms per capita, however none of the above listed companies take the number one spot. by a per capita coffee consumption basis, large coffee consuming nations like the USA are a medium sized beverage, in a sea of extra large coffee drinking nations.

Euromonitor international released a list of the world’s largest coffee consumers, in kilograms of beans per capita. In order to help visualize what this means on a day-to-day basis, we took a standard amount of coffee per cup and estimated the number of cups of coffee each person in a given nation consumes per day.

So, while coffee drinking originated in Yemen in the 15th century, and the image of a Parisian cafe or a Italian espresso bar might often be the first thought when it comes to the “home” of coffee drinkers, none off these nations break the top ten in terms of how much coffee each citizen consumes. So how do the countries of the world stack up when it comes to coffee consumption?

Check out our very own Coffee atlas of the Top 10!

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