Coffee on the go.

Those of us with the early morning preparation of making our breakfasts on the go will know exactly the feeling of fast prep of our favourite warm beverage. Boiling kettles, espresso machines, flasks its all part of the process when we may not have the luxury of time to dine in for breakfast. this article is all about Coffee on the go.

But of course this may not be necessary if you have a vending machine at work that can produce exceptional quality roasted coffee or fresh brew tea! No we are not being cheeky and certainly not subliminally trying to get you to propose something to your facilities manager. That would be absurd. ????

A lot of us are mad for coffee these days. And not just a simple cup of Joe, either, as many of us enjoy a wide variety of espresso drinks, and are choosing to buy coffee made from Fair Trade, shade-grown, or organically-grown coffee beans instead of run-of-the-mill conventional coffee. We are living in a trending society, where people are putting real meticulous thought in to serving themselves the perfect cup of Tea or Coffee. All this devotion has certainly not gone un-noticed by the entrepreneurial visionaries out there!

Something that we have been noticing are the recent emergence of drive thru coffee, in various service stations across the UK. For those who may have skipped breakfast and do not have the facilities at work for great tasting coffee, a drive thru barista may just be the solution. This is a service that has been implemented a while now in the States and has found its way to our shores,

These drive-thru coffee kiosks have not only gained popularity quicker than you can boil your kettle, many of them have diversified and are are following the hot current trend of sustainability. For instance, many are now offering organic coffees, fair trade and shade-grown coffees, as well as using compostable cups and serving ware. Others offer a discount for those who drive hybrids or bring their own mugs, and sometimes, cyclists and pedestrians receive deeper discounts for having the lowest form of footprint. The more obvious benefits that can be found is not having to park and queue, especially on busy high streets or if your undertaking a long journey and need quick fuel stop for the car, why not for ourselves as well.

With the ever-growing popularity in coffee culture and consumption of espressos, lattes and Frappuccino’s etc. the access to it has been made a lot easier, combining this with the advancement and popularity of cashless pay systems, drive thru coffee may just be the next big solidarity step in UK coffee culture.