Commercial Coffee Machines – A Solution for All.

Having productive, happy and healthy staff is the main priority for any business, so it’s no surprise that having great quality food and drink in the workplace is one of the first items that a business’ leadership will want to tick off the list.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to know what coffee solution is right for your business, and whether it’ll offer the right range of end-products to the workforce. Will there be something that can fit the space available? Can food be accessed easily by those doing shift work or unsociable hours? What if a fresh food vending machine isn’t popular and ends up just being an expense?

In this article we explore how commercial coffee machines can be the perfect solution to keep staff fuelled throughout the day, no matter the industry or setting.

Automatic coffee machines for the office

If you’ve ever been in an office environment, odds are you’ve been offered a drink from the office coffee machine. Depending on the size of the workspace, this may have been a small Nespresso pod machine, or a floor standing, all singing, all dancing coffee machine.

This is where the beauty of coffee machines for the workplace lies – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a tiny startup business with a handful of staff, or a huge multinational with a headquarters that caters for 2,000 staff, you’ll have a solution that works for your needs.

With smaller office spaces you can opt for smaller, instant commercial coffee machines for the office, if the idea of a Nespresso machine doesn’t quite do it. Coffetek have a great range of smaller, lower capacity machines at a lower price point which do a fantastic job of producing tasty coffee, hot chocolates and even tea. The Coffetek Vitro S1 or Coffetek Vitro X1 machines could be the ideal fit for your small office.

For larger office environments, the choices for coffee machines are vast. More staff means coffee machine(s) with higher capacity, whether that’s in the form of a floor standing coffee machine, or a table top option, as well as having the options opened up to include bean to cup coffee and drinks made with freshly made milk.

Why not take a look at our range of machines for larger office settings, including the laRhea Variplus Grande 2 Premium, Rex Royal S300 and Franke A600. These machines are designed to deliver high-quality, high-volume drinks with exceptional functionality and flexibility.

Coffee machines for warehouses

In warehousing, it’s important that the on-site commercial coffee machines are durable, easy to operate and experience minimal downtime. Floor standing coffee machines are the obvious option in these work settings as they can hold all the ingredients internally, as well as dispensing a cup pre-vend, removing the need for any extra storage areas and helping speed up the process.

These types of commercial coffee machine are also specifically designed to take nicks and knocks without experiencing major issues, with the body of the machines being made of powder-coated or painted metal, and the front panels being made of hard wearing plastics or durable glass.

With larger machines like these you can also customise your drink selection using the integrated touch screens, to increase the strength of a coffee or add sugars. Once a consumer has the perfect drink, they can take a unique drink code which can be put into the machine in the future to recreate a specific customisation.

High-capacity coffee machines can not only produce a high volume of drinks at speed, they also have much larger internal storage capacities of instant coffee, coffee beans, Granulated Skimmed Milk, powdered chocolate and more. This means fewer visits per week by a vending operator to refill, and keeps machine uptime high.

Commercial coffee machines for healthcare settings

Having a premium coffee offering in a healthcare setting is important, particularly in private healthcare where patient comfort and experience is an absolute priority. In these settings, the speed of the vend comes second to the quality, and the right machine and ingredients can help deliver a great brand experience.

The ideal location for a commercial coffee machine will be dependent on available areas and any health and safety considerations of machines being positioned in hallways or areas where queues may build up. In breakrooms or communal areas, this is less of an issue and will instead be a question of what types of drinks the clinic wants to provide to visitors and staff.

With a very diverse group of patients likely visiting healthcare facilities, leaders can opt to offer a broad range of options including decaffeinated coffees, dairy-free milk alternatives and fresh teas to patients. This is extremely popular with the rising number of vegans and vegetarians in the UK.

Coffee machines in HoReCa

It may seem at first glance that there’s no potential for commercial coffee machines in hotels, restaurants and cafes, but this is not the case. The applications for coffee machines can be twofold – for staff as well as the end-customer.

For staff purposes, there are a range of table top machines that are great for existing back of house kitchen spaces. These are particularly good as a perk or additional benefit for staff on hospitality sector wages which can sometimes be a challenge for employers to manage. For hotel visitors, it’s more likely that a coffee machine would be found in the hotel restaurant or bar area, offering a self-service coffee solution for breakfast buffets and out of hours operation.

In restaurants and cafes the introduction of a coffee machine can help reduce staff costs by replacing the need for a barista-operated coffee machine. With the quality of drinks from automatic coffee machines as high as it ever has been, there’s now less need in restaurants and cafes with small demand for hot drinks, to have an expensive machine and dedicated barista.

Some high street coffee chains now utilise automatic coffee machines to grind beans and brew espresso, before a barista takes over the process to finish the drinks. This helps reduce the time taken to make espresso and allows for more drinks to be output, something which smaller cafes and restaurants are now also doing to enable cost efficiencies.

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