Person in denim sitting down, holding 2024 coffee cup

Commercial Coffee Making Machines – Our 2024 Top 4.

The range of commercial coffee making machines available to businesses is vast. With so many factors to consider, the more information you can gather to make your decision easier, the better.
That's why the team at Connect Vending have put together this list of our top 4 favourite machines so far in 2024. This is based on both the benefits the machine brings to you and your employees - and the personal recommendations of the team from their own experiences.


Coffetek Neo Q Coffee Machine

For our Marketing Manager Tiffany, the Coffetek Neo Q is the obvious choice for a commercial coffee making machine, especially in larger sites.

“When you consider the perception of vending in years past, the Neo Q is the complete opposite. The first thing that stood out is how modern and stylish it is. Genuinely – there are so many options for the front fascia, such as contemporary wood colours, glossy glass looks and more. You can see the longevity – it would still look just as good a few years in.”

As a free-standing coffee vending machine, the Neo Q is better suited to sites with the space to accommodate it, who want to offer a diverse range of drinks.

“It’s ideal for companies with lots of staff, especially 24/7 sites such as warehousing and logistics. It has the option for fresh brew tea as well as coffee, is easy to maintain without the fresh milk option and includes a cup dispenser, giving you one less thing to think about.”

As for the features, they’re not just aesthetic. The machine’s features make it both future-proof AND on-brand.

“The magnificent 21.5″ touchscreen offers the all-important opportunity for brands to promote company events, deals on food and drink – and more, using both static images AND videos, which can be so engaging if they’re used effectively.”


Rex Royal S500 Coffee Machine

The Rex Royal S500 fresh milk coffee machine is a higher capacity machine than its S300 counterpart, capable of vending over 200 cups of coffee per day. It has proved a popular coffee vending machine for offices and sites that require more vends per day.

Dan Barrett, New Business Development Executive at Connect, recommends the Rex Royal S500 for its drink quality.

“Not only are the Rex Royal machines beautifully designed in true Swiss fashion, this reflects in the quality of the end product. Equipped with up to three grinders, three built-in boilers and with the option for up to two fresh milk choices, the S500 offers true variety and excellent bean-to-cup brew quality and taste.”

The S500 also includes the option of freshly steamed milk, for the true coffee connoisseur. It’s designed to be super easy to use, even in self-service environments.


laRhea-Variplus-Grande-2-Premium coffee machine

The laRhea Variplus Grande 2 Premium is a reliable, sturdy machine that is powered by patented Varitherm induction heating, limiting energy consumption and therefore saving on costs (when compared to a traditional boiler). It’s therefore one of the more sustainable options for commercial coffee making machines from this perspective, popular with many of our customers.

The induction heating element also allows water to be boiled to different temperatures to suit a variety of drink recipes. With a contemporary design, integrated cup stand and up to 48 direct drink selections, the Grande 2 Premium offers authentic Italian quality for everyone.

Dan Barrett from Connect’s New Business team, places particular emphasis on the Grande 2 Premium’s ease of maintenance.

“Because the laRhea Variplus Grande 2 Premium operates using granulated milk, it’s much easier to clean than fresh milk machines. This is much better for hygiene as you don’t have to worry about milk getting stuck in the pipes. This saves time and means you don’t have to worry about the shelf-life of the milk either.”

Saeco Magic by Evoca

Evoca Magic BY SAECO

The Magic coffee machine is a compact, bean-to-cup dispenser that is ideal for offices where space is a challenge. Its stylish look, ultra quiet milk frother, easily removable waste tray and simple-use touch screen make it a great option for any office space.

Guoda, our Senior New Business Development Executive at Connect, is a big fan of this coffee vending machine for her London clients.

“The Evoca Magic fits perfectly in tight spaces. At just 28cm wide, it’s a real winner in small London offices with limited counter space. It’s also a fresh milk machine with an option for tank-only, so it doesn’t have to be plumbed in if the option isn’t available. This means you can offer amazing quality bean-to-cup coffee to staff and visitors, without having to compromise at all.”