Connex 2017 – Connect Vendings Industry event.

Connex 2017, Another successful year of Connect Vending’s communication exchange event with major industry suppliers and customers.

Every year Connect Vending likes to run a event for our supply network. Connect Vending does this because it wants to show appreciation for our supply network as we couldn’t do what we do without them!

The opportunity to network also provides everyone a platform to communicate with our supply network and customers in a more enaging way. we use the event to discuss hot topics and areas of improvement and challenge within our business. it is these areas that undoubtly face not just us but also the wider industry and its occupants. Its these opportunities and challenges that provide us with a basis to discuss solutions with both our networks and customer base.

Our guests were given an insight of what we as a company had achieved throughout the past year and how this was achieved as a business.

Connect Vending had speakings in all functions from Operations, finance to Marketing, with an sneak peak of our plans for the year ahead.

In a typical Connex fashion this was all followed by a wonderful 3 course lunch at the Crazy bear hotel Crazy bear hotel.

To all those that had attended, thank you, here is to another successful year ahead.