a micro market with fresh food, crisps, sweets and a self serve kiosk

Food & Beverage in the Workplace.

The last 12 months have completely shaken up everyone’s working lives. In the UK, the impact has been vast. Essential businesses have had to rethink how we interact with the workplace and subsequently how we consume food and drink at work, too.

Collaboration spaces have been hugely popular concept for progressive businesses over the last decade - companies seeking a competitive edge within their markets will recognise enhanced facilities at work can help build a stronger sense of collaboration, community, and ultimately higher performance from happier staff.

How companies provide these environments must now be adapted to a seamless, convenient and touchless environment. How will industry face the challenges of the circumstances we find ourselves in?

With great challenges, comes great innovation!

The vending industry has seen fantastic progress across a variety of healthy vending machine concepts to distance selection and full contactless technology.

This technology is quickly being implemented across forward thinking businesses that are keen to ensure their staff can operate in a more hygiene and safe environment. Other manufacturers have employed the use of QR codes such as Aeguana and De Jong Duke, along with the development of app-based technology to enable touchless vending solutions for a safer and more hygienic work place. A great example of this is with Borg and Overstrom office water coolers, where the process of dispensing water can now be completed end-t0-end without any physical touches.

The UK Vending industry is a fast moving space. Concepts such as micro markets have equally seen increased innovation. Payment providers such as 365 RetailMarkets and Three Squared Markets have developed in-app purchasing. therefore allowing consumers to continue to pay for food and drinks with less touch points in the workplace.

The benefit of this is reduced operating risk at due to multiple touch points. It is likely for the short term that commercial catering environments will also have to adapt how they prepare and provide their services to ensure business continuity as we move out of pandemic.

Here’s to a brighter future for all!