Hot Drinks Machines – Fast, Full of Flavour.

Hot drinks machines are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces around the world.

Not only do they provide a convenient and cost-effective way to access a variety of hot drinks, they also deliver them quickly and with full flavour – something which couldn’t be said for hot drink vending machines from decades gone.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of having a hot drinks machine in your workplace, from saving time and money to creating a welcoming and productive atmosphere, you’ll soon see why hot drinks machines are such an invaluable addition to the modern workplace.


The benefits of hot drinks machines in workplaces

Hot drinks machines have been a staple in offices and other workplaces for many years. In the past, making hot drinks at work was often a laborious task – someone had to boil a kettle, make the tea or coffee, and then serve it to the rest of their team. It was time-consuming and inconvenient.

Fortunately, the invention of hot drinks machines has changed all that. Now, hot drinks are much faster and easier to make – all you need to do is insert some coins or swipe a contactless card, and press a few buttons, and you can have your favourite cup of tea or coffee dispensed in seconds.

Having hot drinks machines at work has a number of benefits. Firstly, they save everyone time. Instead of having to wait around while a kettle boils, you can get your drink instantly. This makes it easier for staff to take short breaks throughout the day and stay refreshed and productive.

Secondly, hot drinks machines give you a range of options for your beverage. You can choose from different types of teas, coffees, and even hot chocolate. Modern hot drinks vending machines also come with quick-code technology, making it even easier to quickly dispense your customised beverage. With so much variety, everyone can find something that suits their tastes.

Finally, hot drinks machines are simple to clean and maintain. Some machines are designed to self-clean, helping rinse any residue out of the internals of the system and ensure that flavour and hygiene are maintained throughout a working day. For teams looking to take on the management of the machines themselves, this gives extra flexibility and control over what ingredients go into the machine, and how frequently they’re replenished. If a business would rather outsource this work, a fully managed vending service could fit the bill.

In short, having hot drinks machines in workplaces is an excellent way to make life easier and more satisfying for employees. Not only do they provide a quick and convenient way to make hot drinks, but they also offer plenty of variety and require infrequent maintenance.


How to choose the right hot drinks machine for your workplace

When it comes to hot drinks machines for the workplace, it’s important to understand the demand you will be placing on the machine. Consider the size of your office and the number of employees that need to be catered for. Depending on the usage throughout a day, you may need a machine with a higher capacity than what is required for a smaller business, and a physically smaller or larger unit may be the right solution to match your on-site demand.

Brand image should also be taken into account when making a purchase. Your hot drinks vending machine is likely to be the first point of contact for any visitors (as well as your staff), so it’s important to make sure the machine conveys a professional and plays a part in building and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

The physical location of the machine is also an important factor to consider as this will determine how much footfall it gets and the type of drinks your staff will require. If it’s placed in a busy area then you’ll need to choose a machine that can dispense a wide variety of beverages quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, if it’s located in a less trafficked area then you could opt for something simpler, and in many occasions, smaller.


The different types of hot drinks machines

Hot drinks vending machines come in a variety of sizes and formats, so there is something to suit all types of workplaces. Smaller workplaces may find a standard tabletop machine suitable, while larger organisations can choose from higher capacity, more durable floor standing machines.

Instant hot drinks machines are perhaps the most common type of hot drinks machine and offer a simple and cost-effective way to provide staff with hot drinks. They provide instant granules which are mixed with hot water for instant hot drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate. In workspaces where speed of vend and availability for hundreds of staff is the priority, instant is the ideal choice.

On the other hand, bean to cup machines offer fresh ground coffee brewed on demand for a much fuller flavour, thought typically this takes longer to brew and would be more suitable for smaller, less busy workspaces. For those seeking luxury, some machines offer speciality coffees with adjustable settings for added personalisation.

Non-coffee drinkers needn’t feel left out either. Nowadays, hot drinks vending machines are equipped with great quality hot chocolate, as well as freshly brewed tea. Some machines even offer specialities such as chai tea, matcha tea and other flavoured beverages. In addition, some hot drink vending machine manufacturers are now releasing products to the market that allow for cold brew coffee to be dispensed.


The cost of hot drinks machines

When investing in a hot drinks vending machine, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. While budget options like pod machines may appear more attractive initially, they often come with poor product quality and limited features. Investing in a high quality hot drinks vending machine can offer higher levels of product variety and taste, as well as better performance, reliability and durability.

Premium hot drinks vending machines also come with a wide range of features and settings that make them suitable for almost any workplace environment. These settings can be tailored to the tastes of your staff, enabling them to enjoy full flavoured, freshly brewed hot drinks at their convenience. Furthermore, by investing in a high-end machine with a leading vending operator, you’ll have access to expert maintenance and customer service which can ensure your machine runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

The cost of a premium hot drinks vending machine can vary considerably depending on its size, features and settings. However, if you factor in all the benefits that it brings to your workplace, you’ll find that the initial outlay will soon be recouped through savings in labour costs and improved productivity. By investing in a quality hot drinks vending machine, you’re sure to be making a valuable investment in the wellbeing and satisfaction of your staff.

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