Hydration in The Workplace: Why It’s Important.

Hydration in the workplace is an important workplace issue, according to Dr Emma Derbyshire, an adviser to the Natural Hydration Council (NHC)

“The evidence is that being hydrated is associated with better cognition and mental performance, and helps combat tiredness and fatigue, all of which can help organizational productivity”, Derbyshire argues. “Also, there is a legal requirement on employers to provide access to water”

You can read in detail about the laws and guidelines here

We however, would like to delve into the benefits of increasing our supply of H20 in the workplace! In order to be productive, employees require hydrating. We are going to get a little geeky here, but bare with us; In a recent study, the University of Connecticut (2010), found that even a dehydration level of 1-2% causes a decrease in cognitive function. With the correct amount of H20 flowing through your system, your mind is more alert and focused. Proper hydration increases the sympathetic nervous system (Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, 2010). This nifty system is responsible for your ‘Fight or Flight System’, the mechanisms which negotiates how we respond to situations, whether we ‘fight’ problems, or run away from them in ‘flight’.

Reducing mistakes? Dehydration causes brain tissue to shrink, which in turn impairs our executive function (Kempton et al. 2010). Now, our executive functions include our planning skills and our visual-spatial processing. Both areas crucial to the planning and completion of projects and tasks.

Dehydration doesn’t always appear as we’d imagine, a recent study of GP’s found that 1 in 5 patients present with symptoms of fatigue that could be due to dehydration. With 66% of office-based workers admitting to making mistakes when tired (Red Bull, 2015), hydrating your workers could result in fewer mistakes, and higher efficiency in your workplace.

Giving your workers more regular but shorter breaks. It may seem counterintuitive, but employees who take short and regular breaks are better workers, with higher levels of job satisfaction, fewer aches and pains, and higher commitment levels to their jobs. Create a refreshment area in your office, with water and coffee facilities, and may see a boost to your profits, and your worker satisfaction.

When employees have the opportunity to have a break and a chat with a colleague can have numerous benefits, also. As a Gallup survey (1999) found, employees with a friend in the workplace were found to be more productive, more committed to quality, and were more likely to believe their job was important.

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