Hyper Japan 2022 – Supporting our Partners, East Japan Railway Company.

East Japan Railway Company, one of the largest railway companies in Japan, are  known for bringing industry innovations to their customers across East Japan. One such innovation is their fleet of modern, network connected touchscreen vending machines, helping commuters and other travellers stay hydrated and fed when using their rail network.

JRE have now deployed these smart vending machines in the UK. These machines are operated by UK vending experts, Connect Vending, to deliver high quality food and drink to customers . Users can expect a similar interactive vending experience with these machines, bringing a touch of high-tech Japan to UK.

The Aeguana vending machines are packed with cutting edge technology,  helping deliver a more intelligent and accessible vending experience.

Every machine allows customers to scan QR code  to receive  discount. The vending machines showconvenient information such as live traffic information, local map and weather forecast The vending machines support 12 languages.

JRE’s machines make use of the best back-office technology on the market, delivering real-time updates on stock levels, machine status, technical issues and more, giving the Connect Vending team every piece of information needed to keep the fleet of vending machines running like clockwork, day and night.

At Hyper Japan Festival 2022 (22-24 July), JRE will be showcasing one of their smart vending machines -head over to the Hyper Japan Website here for a look at the future of unattended retail!

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