Micro market evolution.

It has been a year since our first installation of our Deli Café- a 24/7 cashless self-service café.

The past 12 months have been an enlightening experience in working with our client and providing them a direct replacement of their previous manned canteen. We have trialed and tested a range of new products in making sure our end users got their favourite items. One thing we can say for certain is the operational heartbeat of our Deli Café is the pos system, after months of R&D we have installed an updated POS system just right for our clients, a simple I-Pad based software with swift scanning and payment. No paper and no clutter!

We at Connect Vending pride ourselves in taking innovative approaches within our industry, pushing the boundaries of what new technology can offer within the vending industry and ultimately making it our own. Why do we do this?

Because we feel that a businesses result will always remain the same if you never make a change, our goal is to always explore and make sure our clients get the best the market has to offer.

Our Deli Café has helped micro markets become the hottest new trend for corporate break rooms, replacing vending machines with easy access to healthier options and ultimately providing a true 24/7 solution for those clients with employees working throughout the day.

The goals behind a micro market is designed to make a break room multifunctional, bringing in architectural philosophy whereby well-designed mixed-use spaces bring together work, rest and recreation – they help revitalize high-density urban areas through the effective use of space and surrounding infrastructure. Another goal is the flexibility of time and offering around the clock service. Of course, each client will see their benefits differ from others such as those who have had traditional catering and now have had a drastic reduction in labour costs and stock wastage.

Over the course of the next 12 months, we have plans to work with several businesses and implement more Deli Cafés, which would further solidify that all Deli Cafés are bespoke solutions, every aspect of the build is designed with the client’s needs in mind and what is right for their employees.